Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Read The News Today Oh Boy...

And I probably shouldn't have.
I try to avoid the news like the plague. No reason to get upset about things I can't help or fix, but a recent story out of Maryville, Missouri regarding rape and a possible cover up is an embarrassment to human kind.
You can read the story here on the St. Louis Dispatch website and get your own rage on.
What kills me, kills me about my country of America is that we get all crazy about sharia law and how Muslims treat their women and children, but God Forbid a revered high school footballer in a podunk town does it. We let the slut shaming begin, rallying around the accused and disregarding the hard evidence. It is mind blowing how so-called devout Christians can be just as small minded as the Islamic Fundamentalists that they claim to have nothing in common with.
The truth is, it is high time the Bible Belt gets it shit together.  I say this because two rape cases that went National occurred in Ohio and Missouri.  These incidents happened in small towns, not metropolitan cities where people are a touch more progressive, but areas where football and religion run way deep. When you think small town idyll, you may want to reconsider. There is nothing idyllic about ranks closing around sexual predators. And here is something else, if you know much about America, you know that God is pretty prevalent in the heartland. So is meth. Along with job losses, discontentment, uncertainty and good 'ol patriotism we have people clinging to anything that makes them forget their troubles. Enter high school football. Whatever. I am so far removed from football culture. There are millions of articles on Google that can explain the obsession with it in certain parts of the country way better than I ever could.
Bottom line to all of this is that young people everywhere want to feel they belong and will do anything to join the crowd, especially if the crowd has boys and girls that are older and popular. They may agree to drink, blow off curfews, sneak out of the house, etc. We need to start teaching young men and women that putting oneself in a precarious situation is not ideal and I do not mean with religion because clearly that does nothing. Morals do not need to have a religious bent. Treating another human being's body with respect does not need a religious bent. If you want to teach your children religion, but all means go for it, but do not think just memorizing a Proverb or two will get the message across. Your own actions and remarks form their opinions as well. Be mindful before you speak. Don't call a girl in a tank top a whore or a boy with downs syndrome a "freak". You can model devotion to God however you want, but you should not teach hate and disrespect.
Also, entitlement needs to just stop. STOP. I do not care who's granddad does what in politics, that should not get the little delinquent off with slap, if any, on the wrist.
And when you think your boy deserves an apology for raping an underage girl, you deserve the worst karma God can deliver.

Rosea Lake's photo "Judgments".

Exhausted by the human race,

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