Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Change Happens (in a rambling sort of way)

Years ago I cared about things like celebrities, sports teams and what the latest fashion trends are.

Not anymore.

Are you thinking I am crabby? Well I am not. I am just expressing my acceptance of myself. In the here and now I have become more of a home design, simple living and food person. I am older so what Taylor Swift is wearing no longer applies to me. As someone who loves music, I no longer seek out the latest and greatest as at some point, Pandora or NPR will deliver that artist to me.  Netflix gives me movies and shows and if I read about any or hear of one, I wait till it appears there or on YouTube. Funny. I am the "older" generation, but I use technology to my advantage. The only place I don't play is in social media. For me that exists only here and on Pinterest. I use Google+, but it is not very interactive and that is fine by me.

Now listen, sure I still like when the Yankees win and will eternally root against the Red Sox and all New England sports teams, including the UCONN Huskies. Don't ask, it makes no sense to me either.
I do not care if Angelina and Brad ever marry nor do I care if they ever make a film of that awful book "50 Shades of Gray". Though if anyone can make the Kardashians disappear into the ether I believe most of the world would be eternally grateful.
I worked in the entertainment industry back in 1995. Trust me, famous people are no different than us except some of them get paid very well for their skills. At the end of the day, they are as fallible as anyone you know. Sometimes I think the general public needs to understand that they all fart and forget to shave and have bad breath and some are perverts and have deep dark secrets. The general public covets a lifestyle that is not really told in truth. We get pieces and certainly nothing incredibly juicy because, quite frankly, it is none of our bloody business.
When my husband brings me home a copy of "In Style" I cringe. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, affordable ever featured. Years ago when the magazine first came out there was, but alas, everyone wants to cater to those with the big bucks, or those hoping to have big bucks one day. This would not be me. Who seriously pays $300 for a pain of jeans? Jeans. Denim. They are jeans. Marshall's sells major brands like Diesel and 7 For All Mankind for way below retail price. Sometimes marked down to $20 or $15. Why would you pay full price ever? Unless of course you need to be ahead of the game in the fashion world then go with God.
But I will be honest here, if there was a Nordstrom nearby I would still shop there. Why? They have the best sales on good shoes EVER. And we all know a good shoe makes an outfit.

Another big thing. We have a child. At some point we will have to get up to speed on the latest and greatest among his generation. Lord knows what technological "advances" we will have by the time he is texting or what will replace Coach and UGGS among the young ladies. Ladies he will be dating. Oh no, there it is.  My heartbeat is becoming a little erratic and I know it will only get worse as he gets older. I feel gray hairs bursting through my scalp. Wait. Wait. I need to relax. This should help.

Ahhhh, thank you Richard Armitage with facial hair. Yum, yum, yum.


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