Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sweet tooth? These work

On Thursday I went to look in on our friend's dogs as they had asked because one of them was travelling. They have Italian Greyounds and the one named Rosie LOVES my little boy. Vito is more of a lie in the grass and sun oneself type of dog, but he is still sweet.
When we got there my travelling friend was home already thanks to an offsite ending early. This was nice because we were able to catch up a little and my son got to play with the dogs. As we conversed,  someone became ravenous. Not me, it was the 20 month old. My friend asked and I okayed the offering of a fig newton.
You would have thought he had not eaten for weeks.
The good thing about this is I am always trying to figure out what things I can keep on me at all times that he can have in case he gets hungry. I assume most parents become a mini mart for their toddler so this is not foreign territory to most.
Now, a neighbor had dropped off some fresh figs the other day and I was giddy. My husband is not much of a fan, but he, like his progeny, loves fig newtons too. This sent me on a quest to find a baking recipe requiring fresh figs. I found one and yes, it rocks.

I added cinnamon and ground up pecans and for instead of sugar I used honey. My son, my husband and my neighbors who gave us the figs loved this recipe and I think you will too.

I have sent the men to Trader Joe's while I have an early lunch and catch up on stuff that needs to get done. Have a beautiful day!


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