Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mommy Needs A Gin and Tonic

We have a very rambunctious 21 month old boy. He loves to explore and read and be outside. We also teach him how to vacuum, throw out garbage and other necessary things that he can do himself.
On a whim last week I decided to take him to Mother Goose at the library. It is a half hour program for children 2 and under where the librarian reads a few poems and there are songs and books. She had said in the beginning that most children under 2 would most likely be up and running around the room which is a safe and interesting place for them and that it was to be expected of that age group.
Only our child runs around happy as can be. At first I felt embarrassed like I was a bad parent because all these other kids, mostly girls, would just sit with their Mommies and listen. Then I figured and accepted that my child is a spirited child and he is NOT going to sit in this unfamiliar place filled with new faces and someone reading. Today was no different except there were more parents there. And so off he went, running non-stop around the reading circle when I heard a little boy say to his Grandma, "He's running." Dear old Grandma made a face and gave my son a look like he was a little heathen.
All I thought was Bitch.
I wanted to say something to her, but I have realized there are people in life who expect/want ALL kids to just sit and not make noise. Hello, Queen Victoria. Seriously though, her youngest kept getting chided if her got "too loud". Sorry, unless he is yelling non-stop and interrupting the event, it is okay if he "roars".
I would love it if my little guy would just hang, but that is not who he is. He enjoys being around other people and is fascinated, much to my chagrin, with other women's and little girl's hair. He kept "petting" this young girl Sienna's ponytail. Yes I kept reminding him that we cannot invade people's space and I pull him away gently. As for going back to Mother Goose, I am reconsidering attending simply because I think the 10:30am-11:00am slot may be too close to lunch and snack time for him. I also do not want to become that parent with that child. God, it is frustrating how much we have stifled our kids to the point where if a toddler gets excited, get out the Ritalin. Yes American Health Care System I mean you.
Imagine if we gave out kid sugar??!!

The one bone of contention I have with my son is he is in a hitting phase and I am not handling that well. I am constantly researching about what to do for fear he is going to hit a child either at Mother Goose or the Messy Play we attend on Fridays. Most people understand that it is a phase, but my luck I would encounter one person who thinks my child is undisciplined and unruly. I guess it is okay, but no one ever likes to feel as if they have failed when their child is doing something you have been working on to stop. Don't worry, I shall buck up and try not to take too much personal. But in the age of over the top attachment and helicopter parenting and people thinking their kids are angels when clearly they are not, (See: Teenagers wreck an NFL player's home, tweet pictures as they do it, he calls them out on it and parents threaten to sue him!!!! NPR I weep for the future my dears.), one is always on guard.

The other night I felt like making something homey and delicious, plus I needed to use up broccoli we had received in our CSA. Once again, after a search, the BBC Good Food website proved to have the best recipe. I made a terrific Broccoli and Goat Cheese Tart. That being said, paying attention to the measurements and ingredients are key. I Googled measurement conversions and I am not ashamed to admit that. I also did not pay attention to one of the main ingredients. That would be double pot cream and no we do not have that here in the US. So I used regular milk and melted butter to thicken it up. Honestly the recipe is like a heart attack in a pan, but it is oh so good.


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