Friday, September 27, 2013

Lazy Mama

Good Evening.
It's 8:46pm and I need to get some writing done, but first I figured I would share a variety of posts that I enjoyed this week with all of you.

Going Gently - Two of the best photo bomb pictures.

72 Hour Bag - Purpose

All Recipes - Cabbage Carrot Casserole. I made this and it was delicious and very economical.

Tartelette - Squid Ink Pasta with Stilton Blue and Fresh Figs is such an exotic sounding dish. I love people who cook like this at home.

Mother Earth News - If you are fortunate enough to have chickens then you are fortunate to have eggs. Well, here is a handy way to freeze the excess.

Hooked on Houses - I agree with the majority of comments in regards to this renovation done by the DIY Network to a cozy little dilapidated beach cottage. All charm is lost. Such a shame.

Prepared Housewives - Make Your Own Cloth Wipes

Enjoy your weekend!


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