Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Fall is coming and with that comes knitting. I love knitting. Of course I prefer to have warm weather last a bit longer and today it is going to be low 90's here in NJ!
Anyway, I am thinking of making the three little girls some homemade gifts as opposed to sending them off to tea like I had originally proposed. It would cost me over $100 to do such a nice outing and I think that is something for when they are a little older and can really enjoy and remember it.
I am always on the look out for interesting patterns and I have a few that may come in handy for yourself as well. I know the little ladies like dress up clothes so I figured I could make fun stuff, like fuzzy boas and mini purses, and something they can wear when it gets cold. According to Farmer's Almanac  we are to have a very cold winter this year so wool will be necessary.

Angie of Little Inspiration created this fantastic looking Bow Scarf. You pull the bow through the button hole which I think is a neat idea. You also could add a button to the back of the bow and just button scarf that way, but no matter what you choose, this is a great gift idea.

Better Home and Gardens featured a scarf with slit which I think works well with kids too.

I am officially OBSESSED with Heidi May. Her knitting patterns are just swoon worthy. I want to make ALL of them. Seriously, these are just gorgeous. There may be crochet patterns available too for all I know.

The Ruston Cowl

The Lakota Hood

The Nadilynn Slouchy

I have never wanted to purchase so many patterns at once LOL.

Well, I am off to the yarn store, better known as Michael's around here, to get what I need to make the Bow Scarf. Have a wonderful day!


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