Thursday, September 26, 2013

Just Rambling In My Head

Ever have one of those days where just a million things race through you and then you repeat? Today is that kind of day for me. I figured I would get some of it out here and share the darkness of my aging mind. (BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) Okay, it is not that funny.

For the life of me I will never understand why my fellow US citizens are so damn opposed to Universal Healthcare. Hospitals would not have to worry about being paid, urgent clinics would get paid, medical staff would get paid and no one would go bankrupt from needing an operation or life saving medicine. The attitude of "take care of your own" here really means just your own family. Not fellow citizens. I mean, you don't want the government to help with healthcare, but damn they better stop them gays from marrying!!! To have Representatives in Washington filibuster Obamacare when they themselves have coverage for a lifetime is beyond offensive. Sure it O-care not a perfect solution, but can't we work on it? And not for nothing, these Reps state that we should not chip in for each other, that it is a form of socialism. Who cares which -ism it is you asshats? Do the right thing. For the record, I hate Ted Cruz. Moron.
I really need to go clean the birdbath and give them clean water.
Why can't an elf live in my basement and do my laundry for me?
Tonight I do not feel like cooking. My son had a small "I am tired" meltdown at the same time my handicapped dog needed to go outside. I threw her, not really, into her wheels while he cried that he could not come with us outside. He had no shoes on and my lunch was ready so I had to hurry her. After I came in and turned off the stove, he screamed so loud that I believe the dead are now walking the street. I lifted him up, he hit me of course, then laughed as I brought him upstairs for an early nap.  I fetched his little bear he sleeps with from the wash and he settled down and finally fell asleep. I do expect him to be up in a little while, but good for him getting his rest on.
I still do not know if my story will get picked for publication and I am excited and disappointed all at once. Fun emotions to throw together. I am still thrilled I got it done to submit. Now, as for the novel version of it, we still need to get that out there.
I have had no time to work on my current novel which is frustrating but I try not to let it eat at me as it has done in the past. My husband knows I would love a month to just be able to write without interruption. Imagine being able to go all Walden?? Ahhhhh to dream. That will not be happening at the present time so I make do when I can. Hell, a full weekend would be choice. All this does not make me a martyr or special, but maybe it should. I would look great in one of those saint like poses, all pious and humble.
The last two nights I have fallen asleep on the couch before 9:30. For God's sake what am I, 80? Speaking of aging, my right hip is in constant burning pain. I believe I have a hip labral tear and will need to seek out an orthopedic surgeon to consult. I have no desire to have surgery or corticosteroid shots, but there is not much else one can do beside sucking down ibuprofen for 4 weeks to see if that helps. None of that really appeals so we shall see. According to an orthopedic website, exercise and walking seems to irritate the tear. How nice. So I am to become a feeble, fat broad so I can stop being in pain? Sometimes medicine amuses me to no end.
I do not crochet, have always wanted to learn and this cowl from Purl Bee may inspire me once and for all.
Our contractor for the bedroom is FINALLY supposed to come tonight and give us an estimate. Thank the baby Jesus. I want that room DONE already. I know contractors take on like 500 jobs at once, but man is it annoying. And because I am such a glutton for all sorts of punishment, I want to ask him about the upstairs bathroom as well. The man does fabulous work as I have been in his house. The good thing about the delay is it gives us some time to save up what little we can. The bad thing, we still have to lay out the money for it regardless.
I have decided my family should move to Scotland. I want a home like this one on Apartment Therapy in Edinburgh and I covet that AGA stove to no end. Damn lucky UK residents always seem to have an AGA or ESSE. I harbor immense jealousy over it and will not let it go. Seriously, I told my husband this morning I would sell his mother, a very nice lady, for an AGA stove. If my mom was alive, I would sell her and she would understand. It is the only expensive appliance I have ever wanted. I could have IKEA cabinets, a SMEG fridge and an AGA and life would be good. As you can tell, I am no fan of stainless, though it is nice in other people's homes. I LOVE YOU AGA!!

Thank you all for visiting my mind. Please come again.



  1. Agas are high maintenance, like Mother in Laws. They also need plenty of advance warning if you want to eat the same night you start cooking - also like.

    I think you need to take breathing exercises when writing, MissFifi - paragraphs are useful.

  2. But, but I was doing stream of consciousness writing Tom!

    I have heard that about Agas, but I so love them. Maybe there is something similar that works better?

  3. I see what you mean about that house, gorgeous isn't it?