Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Golden Peach Muffins

Since I still have a glut of peaches I decided to make peach muffins especially as a nice snack for the little one to have. I even ate an overripe peach while I stirred the batter.
Anyway, I found a good recipe that did not need a lot of unnecessary additives or heaping amounts of sugar. This one requires one cup of sugar and since I am no longer using regular sugar  I just used honey. Maybe that is where I went wrong but I pulled them out of the oven and lo and behold I have teeny muffins. Seems I used baking powder instead of baking soda. Yeah, let's hope they are tasty or I am so screwed. I hate wasting flour. Weird quirk, but if they suck, I am going to be so mad at myself. Of course I will just give them to the birds if they are not good.

Here is what they look like. All that foamy looking stuff is butter from greasing the pan.

Do yourself a favor and try the recipe for Golden Peach Muffins off of TasteofHome.com and make sure you do not commit my faux pas. 

*UPDATE - They may not have risen, but they are pretty good. I will attempt them again using the right ingredients this time.


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