Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Biscuits, Jalapenos and More

Thanks to our CSA I have had more corn and peaches than I would ever want in a lifetime. That being said, I am about to roast some corn in the husk along with my three beets. No one but me eats beets and I figured why not roast them together and then, when done, I can eat them as is or mix them up in a salad.
One of the few things that did well in my garden this year was my jalapeno plant. Go figure. I have five of them sitting in front of me and so a search was on for a recipe. First one I found was a great sounding pickling recipe on Simply Scratch, but my lack of the necessary 15 jalapenos lead me to search for something else. I am going to be making a lentil soup tonight for dinner, fall is officially here in NJ, and when I saw a cheddar jalapeno biscuit recipe on Simply Recipes and was sold. I do not have cream so I am going to add butter in its place, there were some notes in the comments, and honey instead of sugar. Let us hope it comes out delish!

Survival Life blog has what seems like a pretty interesting antiseptic ointment and best part is it is DIY.

Purl Bee has this pretty Laura's Loop: Color Tipped Scarf pattern.

On Gardenista I read this about this natural remedy for cold and flu season and quite frankly, I think it could kill anything, including Satan himself.



  1. I can't grow peppers here
    Too wet
    I need a greenhouse me thinks