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A Multitude of Thoughts

All this talk of going to war has been a bit overwhelming and aggravating. For the record, I feel we (America) have no business in Syria. I get that they did something awful to their people, but not for nothing, Darfur and Mali and many other places have been self imploding, but you do not see us getting in everyone's business there. I am well aware that this is a complicated matter and I really, really hope we keep our nose out of it, but I fear that won't happen. This of course has moved me into prepper mode. I feel like I need all this extra bottled water and emergency kits and food because once the SHTF, it is on. I am doing my best to be rational too, but I cannot deny this all makes me nervous. I mean, I never watch the news, but the gym I go to has huge flat screens on their walls so while I listen to music I watch and read the captions. If you are a main stream media news junkie, I can see why all you want to do is hate on people and live in fear and think celebrities/reality tv folks are the bees knees. Ahhh yeah, nothing like good ol' induced paranoia to get everyone crazy. To hell with it.

Okay, let's be a touch more upbeat here shall we?

I should take a better picture, but for now this will do. This is our mailbox that my husband and brother remodeled.  My husband repainted the post and the two of them chose the tile (shades of grey, black and clear) and cut and grouted and did all the good stuff to make it look as choice as it does now. You can also see our awesome new walkway and stairs. The landscaping will get done in the spring due to cash flow which is fine by me. That big plant on the left next to the house is my beloved baptisia. I need to cull the seeds off the plant and put them in the ground and hope I get some new ones next year in other parts of the yard.

There is an interesting how-to on The Kitchn about making butter. That is something I would like to try, but most likely never will. But if I do, you will be the first to know.

I have also been looking into homemade shampoo recipes because my husband refuses to let any shampoos/conditioners in the house with cocamide DEA. Read about it here. I wish I had the money to buy all organic cosmetics and hair products, but the damn things are so overpriced it offends me.  Here is a neat homemade shampoos recipe from Wellness Mama that I bet smells lovely.

Our friends have three daughters turning three. God Bless. I want to make them some dress up stuff. I was going to do ponchos but I doubt I would have them ready in time for the party. So I was considering headbands and I found a few cool patterns. There is this one from Craft Snob which I may eventually make for myself as well. Then there is this fun, funky chunky one from A Stash Addict. I have not decided which one to do yet and I need to buy the yarn this weekend. I am also making the little ladies boas/scarves to have fun with as well and may do little purses, but it all depends on time. I have to admit I am excited to get back into knitting. Fall does that to me.

Thank you Coal Point Seafood Company for the delicious Baked Salmon Loaf recipe. I wanted to make something other than salmon cakes and this was just yummy. I used cumin and sage since I did not have parsley or dill. We paired it up with a nice bok choy and crunchy ramen salad and it was a wonderful dinner.



  1. (husband): just to add context, cocamide dea is one type of ingredient that allows a product to produce a lather...sodium lauryl (laureth) sulfate (SLS) is shampoo is not really a big deal but combined with toothpastes, shaving creams, conditioners, body washes, etc. the bad stuff starts to add up. Just trying to put a dent in our usage and I appreciate the research into the homemade shampoo...excited to see what you come up with. But I am also fine staying with castile soap in case nothing else tickles your fancy.


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