Monday, September 16, 2013

A Change in Gardening

After a poor growing season this year, I looked at my husband yesterday while I was weeding and doing fall cleanup and said, "Since we belong to a CSA, I would like to just grow all types of flowers next year. "
He responded, "I am fine with that and think it is a good idea."
While I have loved having a vegetable garden, I have not had the opportunity to care for the small patch the way I did before I had our son. When I do get free time, read that as when he naps, I try and write or do laundry or cook or watch Orange is the New Black (LOVE THAT SHOW!!!!), so something has to be put to the side. For us, it will be the vegetable garden. Not that flowers don't need care, but they need a lot less work than cultivating tomatoes or cabbage. If I was growing roses I would think a little differently, but I am not attempting those just yet. One idea I had was to maybe intersperse the flowers with Swiss Chard and Kale. The two vegetables, besides leeks, that grow well. 
I know this goes against all the frugal/simple living norms, but for us, this works out well. By the time our son is three, I can restart a full blown vegetable garden and he can help. Or if I want to keep the flowers, maybe we can expand the garden a few feet and incorporate both. For now though, it will only be flowers and I cannot wait to choose native plants to grow.
Once everything is pulled out, I am going to pretty much empty our composter into the dirt and let it feed the soil all winter. Then when I go to plant, may do a mix of seeds and seedlings, hopefully what gets sowed does well due to the healthy, balanced soil. 
I would love to walk out and see something like this everyday.

Or this.

I wish my whole yard could be like this, but thanks to deer, ain't happening.

Today's recipe comes from Food Loves Writing - Spicy Roasted Vegetable Bisque.


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