Monday, August 26, 2013

Yard Work and Peaches

For some inexplicable reason, the prior owners to our home planted Yuccas in the backyard.
I hate the wretched things because one, to me they do not look right in the NJ landscape though there are gardeners who love subtropical plantings and second, they have a vast root system which makes them a touch difficult to dispose of. Yesterday I went out to where they are and was going to just weed around them as they were infringing on my catmint and oregano plants. Well, I started to pull and one plant came right out. Oh yeah, that was all I needed and now my land is devoid of the Yucca. Not all the roots are gone, but I can work at that. I did manage to get a bunch of them unearthed along with a baby snake, two big millipedes and various sized pill bugs, ants, ear wigs, crickets and centipedes. I also pulled up a diseased root that smelled so bad I dry heaved. Good times. Now I have this blank canvas and am trying to decide what to do put there.  I do want to try to stick to native plants. (Says the woman growing rosemary/sage/oregano and has a huge butterfly bush.) But I do think it would be wise to cultivate what is meant to grow in my soil. I do want to get milkweed plants too so I can encourage monarch butterflies as well. It amazes me how much planning has to go into gardening of any kind.
And on that note, I am sad to say that my vegetable garden has sort of floundered this year. some stuff has done well, swiss chard and jalapenos and lemon basil, but my tomatoes were hit with blight and my kale was annihilated by cabbage moths. I ended up pulling all but a few tomato and kale plants and ripping most of the leaves off the kale plants I am keeping. Next year I need to purchase some bacillus thuringiensis to help keep cabbage moths at bay. In a few weeks I am also going to do an overhaul on the dirt in the vegetable garden by adding all my compost and a bag of ewe poo from the local creamery better known as Valley Shepherd Creamery. Their nettle cheese is fabulous!!
Interestingly enough, my pear tree is abundant with fruit this year so I am hoping I can gather some of them up and use them.
My other odd dilemma is I have a slew of peaches from our CSA and I do not know what to do with them. I have pureed and frozen some for the toddler, but the husband does not eat them and while I do not mind them, they are not my favorites. I made a mango/peach/flax seed/heaping tablespoon of yogurt pudding/smoothie for my son. He ate it with his spoon and his hand making the "Mmmmm" noise. I tried it and it tasted like a pureed mango/peach graham cracker crust pie due to the flax seed. Pretty tasty if you ask me. I even froze some of it into a popsicle. This is the one time I wished I was into canning, but then, who would eat it all?? LOL
Smitten Kitchen has a recipe for peach butter which I am considering and I bet it is delicious on toast or even on some southern soda bread. Hmmmm....



  1. Hmm... Peach Butter... I had to re-read the bit about cutting each half into quarters a few times before I believed it would make 8 bits from each peach, though. I've had a hard day, and it was a bit like trying to work out who your mother's second cousin twice removed could be, at a funeral.

    (Now I am having the same experience trying to understand your word-verification - "Type the two words". Excuse me, but aren't they one word and one number? Now who's the robot?

    1. P.S. (I'm a glutton for punishment) I like the way your two strands of hair in your avatar photo gives you the air of Salvador Dali.

  2. Yeah, I get tripped up on recipes sometimes when it has been a looooooong day.
    Word verification? Hmm, I may need to recheck that craziness.

    HA! I never thought about how I looked like Dali. Pretty cool.

  3. The way you write , is , I suspect the way you think
    I like it

  4. I do my best to leave out the curse words though.