Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Plight of Honey Bees

Heard a very interesting program about the plight of bees on NPR's Leonard Lopate Show. What was heartbreaking to hear was how experienced bee keepers are getting out of the business due to the massive losses caused by Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and how crop monocultures (soy, corn, wheat) that are doing serious harm. I have planted flowers to help encourage bees, but I have admit I very rarely have seen a honeybee around my garden. Mostly bumble bees, carpenter bees, butterflies, parasitic wasps and hummingbird moths are what I have seen. I do have beautiful sunflowers, bee balm, lavender, hyssop, Russian sage, a butterfly bush, catmint, columbine, lemon balm, echinacea and let a lot of my herbs go to flower to keep feeding the wildlife. You will never see a more interesting frenzy then when you let oregano go to flower, it is pretty awesome.

Here is the link to the Leonard Lopate show. Hopefully they post a podcast for it soon.
Dying Honeybees

Some London scientists are not too keen on urban beekeeping for fear that bees will get sick and starve due to the lack of food aka flowers. Instead of more bees they want folks to plant more flowers.

Why Urban Beekeeping Can Be Bad For Bees

In honor of bees and their gift of honey, here is a recipe from Food in Jars - Honey Lemon Apple Jam


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