Monday, August 5, 2013

Stop Comparison Shopping

I know you are thinking I may have lost a bit of my mind, and I may have, but how many of us look at magazines and blogs about nicer things and suddenly feel as if what we have or what we wear pretty much sucks? I am guilty of it as I am sure you are at times. What if we just stopped doing that? What if we stepped back and said, "My house may not be a mansion, but it is my home. My car may be ten years old, but I own it." Envy is an ugly sin and it raises its head more and more as we are thrust celebrity lifestyles in our face on a daily basis. Luckily, if you avoid TV, which I do, then you never have the barrage of advertising telling you how inadequate you are. Of course, I do read magazines and blogs and there are times Houzz makes me feel like I live in a hovel, but let's face it, I could never handle a 5000 sq foot house nor would I want to. I have yet to see one that looks remotely homey. Showplaces are not meant to invoke a feeling of warmth and security. Depending on who you are, it may invoke jealousy, hatred, a feeling of inadequacy, inspiration or appreciation for the design or colors, it will vary.
Our house just had a walkway put in, but we are going to hold off on doing the plantings until Spring because it will give us time to save up some cash and there is really no rush. I do not need to keep up with any Joneses and luckily my neighbors are pretty down to earth and already appreciate how nice we have made the ugliest house on the block (my phrase).
The point of all this is, comparison shopping your life will only get you down and while that is good for marketing and consumerism since you will go purchase what they are telling you will make you happy, it is not good for your psyche. So let us get off the envy bus shall we?
Julia at Hooked on Houses inspired me to write this due to her perfect commentary about House Envy.

House Envy: What Not To Compare

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  1. Great post, Miss Fifi!
    Even IF we are fortunate enough to sell the house I worked on for years and years of my life, and get our asking price, (which is all we would consider), we will ONLY be able to afford a 'dump' somewhere where jobs would be better for Adam. We could never afford to move to a house already in 'move in' condition as ours is! We also know it will be a small cape---certainly not bigger than the little old cape we have now.
    All we ever prayed for was a CHANCE---the OPPORTUNITY to start all over again, and fix up and spend the rest of our lives in a small, modest house. We know we'll never have the kind of lives 'executives' out there have, and probably not 2 bathrooms, family room, 'spa' baths, stainless steel everything, etc., but that was fine with us.
    ---It just plain sucks however, when you can't even get a break to even have the chance to start a new life, despite being willing to work hard, and not having any grandiose expectations!
    (Sorry for the mini-rant!)

    1. Hey Mary, I totally understand the frustration and I do hope you can find something decent when the time comes. I know you will make it a gorgeous home and I really hope a seller comes along for your house and that Adam gets a better job soon!

  2. Every now and then, I lust after someone's converted priory, and I do know someone else who lives in a wonderful castle in the Scottish Highlands, but - all in all - I am very grateful to live in our compact but adorable city apartment in Bath.

    1. I bet I would lust after your city apartment in Bath before the castle LOL