Monday, August 12, 2013

Sometimes it Ain't Easy

If you read a lot of simple living blogs, there is no way you could misinterpret how much work is done by those who have chosen the path of home maker. I do believe some people think we walk around like Snow White singing, eating bon bons and looking so put together. Listen, if I had seven little men to order around and do some of my work I would be giddy. Don't tell me Miss Snow didn't do such a thing. It is a Grimm's Fairy Tale after all ;-) As for those that work outside of the home as well, God Bless you.
I think what miffs me the most is that I do as much multitasking at home, maybe even more, than when I was an Executive Assistant. Too bad I can't put it on a resume. Also, I do not buy into this recent BS of "Leaning In". Like most people don't take on enough crap I need some millionaire Facebook chick telling me I can "have it all". Did you ask me? What if I think I have it all already? Why the hell should I need to be in constant competition? And for what? Money? More money is always nice and so is personal satisfaction but what if I get personal satisfaction from cleaning the door of my fridge that holds the condiments? I did that task yesterday and I did feel better dammit. I truly believe the media enjoys pitting certain factions of society against one another. Those who work out of the house and those that stay at home. Those who breast feed and those who do not. Funny how it is mostly geared towards female readers, but nothing shocks me anymore. I am sure men get targeted too, but in different more subtle ways.
I have neglected my vegetable garden more than I like. My tomatoes were poor this year, but it was stated that blight was back in NJ. Ugh. We got two beautiful ones with our CSA which were so good they made me want to beg them for a bushel of tomatoes. I did start purchasing milk at the farm we get our CSA share from. They get it from a farm in upstate NY and it is cheaper than the organic brands by twenty cents. I know, not a big deal, but you get a return for the glass container and I figure that can go towards a new half gallon so win win. Other things get put on the back burner, like my writing,  but this is how my life works for now. I do treasure my time with my son, but there are times I wish he would nap for five hours. Greedy, I know, but it is honest. His is always on the go, ready to explore and learn and we encourage that as much as possible and it can be exhausting at times. He does entertain himself well too which is fun to watch as he runs from room to room to throw the ball back over the gate. Thank God he sleeps through the night. Speaking of which...

We have two "geriatric" pets. A 10 year old handicapped dog, whose dark raised wart like growth was actually a funky scab. (The doc gave her a good once over and she is fit as a fiddle. God help me.) We also have our 16 year old cat. The cat is definitely a little senile and her health is declining. She no longer wants to eat her dry food and while I do my best to crush her Prednisone into her wet food, she doesn't always eat the amount we give her. Recently Isadora, the dog, has decided she needs a bathroom break around 3:30am. I always hear her first. She whines because she can't walk anywhere and this is how she lets us know she needs something. My husband is deaf when he sleeps and so I nudge him awake, he snores louder and I ask him in a quiet voice to get up before she poops on the bed and he grumbles as he carries her downstairs and outside. That is where it sucks. We have to put her in her wheelchair to do her business and when one is bleary eyed it is a bit stressful.
5:30 is Chloe the cat's call for food. I have to jump up and stop her from meowing because she insists on doing it in front of our sleeping son's door. Mind you my husband has already given her food when he took dog out. Ahhh good times. good times.
I have said it before, once they pass, no pets for a year. We need a break.

I have always, ALWAYS, loved Koala Bears. I want it to be known that if this has happened to me I would have had the same reaction this woman had, but I probably would have been crying with glee. Yes, I know their claws can rip your throat out and I don't care.

I think I am going to make this pizza tonight.

Swiss Chard, Garlic and Gruyere Pizza


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  1. LOVE your post, and I agree with every bit of it!
    (And uh, yeah, funny the only ones I know who SUPPOSEDLY "have it all" are clueless people with lots of money.)