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Oh To Be A DIY Wunderkind

I love that word. It sounds so...German and so official.  I also feel the word has been overused mostly by authors of magazine articles because it is always in the context of some up and coming chef, tech entrepreneur or financial brain. They are all "wunderkinds".
If I was to be a wunderkind I think it would be of the DIY sort. My sewing skills are minimal and my knitting skills, while good, are nowhere on par to the designers at Rowan Yarns. I can swing a hammer but have never built anything except IKEA furniture which makes me a pro with an allen wrench like no one else. But if I had some serious skills, what would I be willing to try? I am not afraid of failure. Trust me, I have had two novels rejected along with short stories so my skin is thick. Sadly, I worry more about the cost of the materials and then if I mess it up, well then, that is money gone. I mean, some sweater patterns require certain yarns that in the end make the project cost $250!! Um, no, I can go to Target or Marshall's and get one for $15.00 so pass. I get the whole concept that making it yourself is the crowning achievement, but I can't bring myself to buy $30 skeins of yarn. I would love to, believe me I would. I have used any pricey yarn I have been given or bought and made gorgeous scarves/cowls or hats for myself. My go to cheap yarn is Homespun by Lion Brand and it has done me very well. Washes well and is incredibly soft. Acrylic, yes, but it does the job and looks great and comes in wonderful colors. Apparently LB has a fancy selection of yarns now and offer a wool with stainless steel to make jewelry and wraps that do not lose their shape. Hmmm, may need to check into that. $10 for one, but if I am making earrings with it that could be so worth it. In a prior life I was a jewelry designer and co-owned an online business. I miss it from time to time, but that market is tough and quite frankly my outlandish designs needed better marketing.
So here are my "If I was a wunderkind in DIY land" dreams.

I wish to God I had a reason to have this sewing studio where Susan from Maple & Magnolia creates.

As a knitter I am embarrassed to say I do not crochet. I want to, I have tried, I need more practice. Once I aced it I would make this blanket in a NY minute. So gorgeous!!!!

I have these MASSIVE Laura Ashley wingback chairs and an ottoman that we got for $50 off of Craig's List a few years ago. I love them though they are faded and need a good rehaul. They are too big for standard slip covers, aces, so I got a quote from a professional reupholsterer for all three pieces. $1100.00 yes, you read that right. Now, from I have read online, wingbacks use a lot of fabric and are not an easy job. When you get them professionally done they redo the stuffing and springs as well so I know it is labor intensive. I did just come across this tutorial on how to do it yourself using a staple gun and if I get up the nerve, I may give it a go. Honestly if I do this, I will feel beyond accomplished LOL.

Vali is a dress pattern from Rowan Yarn. Yes, this is something I would love to make but God knows what it would end up costing.

Build a kitchen island. I have no room for one, but this is pretty choice.

Sure I knit hats, but could you imagine actually being a milliner? Oh how I wish women wore hats and gloves again. So classy. Lisa Shaub makes beautiful hats and Mama would love a Fascinator. I would wear it with my pajamas or while I garden. That's right, no one is the boss of me. ;-)

Today's Recipe: Sweet Cherry Syrup from The Kitchn.



  1. Who wants to be a milliner? I don't. Have fascinators everywhere? I don't.


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