Saturday, August 31, 2013

Good Times

Yesterday we took our son to the pediatrician because he had a fever over 102 for 24 hours. Thursday and Friday morning he kept sticking his hand in his mouth and when he went to eat lunch, well, that was a screaming experience. I figured he either had a sore throat, ear infection, tooth issue or, after looking on internet, hand, foot and mouth disease. And yes, I did call it Hoof and Mouth when I was talking to my husband. Badabum!

Go to our 3 o'clock appointment and ding ding!!! Hand, Foot and Mouth it is!! The doctor gave us three bottles of children's Motrin, thank you for the freebies! It seemed to help more than the acetaminophen. He did wake up twice last night at 9 and 10:30, but after that, slept until about 5:30. At that time I went into his room and moved the fan thinking he was a touch cold and it may have been because he fell back asleep until 7am. Not bad. He is better today and currently on a bike ride with daddy. He loves sitting in the little trailer and says "Hi" and "Bye" LOL.

I will be emailing my short story to Glimmer Train in a few hours. Hooray!

Laundry is not a favorite chore. I get it has to be done, but I do pride myself on making sure our clothes are nice and clean. Recently, I have been fighting with stains on my clothes. Not sure what is going on but I have used organic stain removers, vinegar, hot water and even broke down and bought Resolve. Ring around the collar and some food stains, even pre-treated ones, are not fully coming out and it is starting to piss me off. I tried to clean out the drum of my machine, pulling hair and dirt out, but to no avail, stains are still lingering. I use vinegar in every wash so it is not like the machine is not getting clean. This is incredibly frustrating and I would hate this turning into a major issue and have to buy a new machine because of something like this. I need to find the manual and see if I can find other things that may be jammed and causing issues. The machines came with the house and well, not everyone takes care of their appliances. I hate this throwaway society and I am as guilty as anyone to contributing to it from time to time, but most of the time I try to use or repair what I can. If we cannot use it and it is fine, we donate.

Now I need to figure out what to make for dinner. I really wish I was savvy like some women and had frozen meals ahead of time for the week so when I am just not up to the task I can pop something in the oven and off we go! Ah well, maybe one day I will get it together enough.

Enjoy this recipe I got from my CSA this week. I made it on Thursday and it was delicious!! Kohlrabi and Carrot Cole Slaw.


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