Monday, August 19, 2013

A Birthday Gift

Friends of ours have three little gals turning three in September. Whew!
Their father is of the motto: "Experiences instead of gifts", especially when it comes to himself and his partner, so I figured perhaps it would be wise to do the same with the three little ones. Sure I can buy them clothes or hair stuff, but they have a lot of nice clothes and toys. Some have been handed down, bought at sales or consignment shops and let's face it, most parents would prefer to have less "stuff" in their homes.
They live close to NYC which presents a delightful array of options, some pricier than others. And so, in my mind I want to send these little darlings to tea. That's right. Tea. In Manhattan.
Apparently I believe myself to be a Rockefeller descendant and will stop at nothing to make this happen. Then again, I may just buy them boxes of a tea and their own tea set and then can have their own parties. LOL
Of course, I myself, would like to do these teas so maybe we can join them when they go. Let me share my options and please, pick yourselves off the floor once you are done reading the menus and seeing the prices.

American Girl Cafe - I hate these dolls with a passion, but it is not about me or my preferences. I am sure the ladies would enjoy themselves, but what worries me is that their dads may feel compelled to buy them each a doll and we all know how pricey they are. Still, I need to consider the location after doing more research.

The Russian Tea Room does a Children's Tea. I have eaten there a few times and I loved the food and the over the top ambiance. It is $35 though and I assume that is per child so again, something to think about.

I want it made very clear the next two options are something I would want for myself.

Afternoon Tea at The Plaza. Oh sweet God this menu is magnificent!

Lady Mendhi's Tea Salon.  Scroll down to the menu. I would feel like Edith Wharton and that is not a bad thing.

So there you have it. Perhaps these are a little extreme in pricing and I can try and find someplace else closer to their homes or in NJ. But I had to share these menus. Now, let me see about that Legoland location in  Westchester...


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