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Good Times

Yesterday we took our son to the pediatrician because he had a fever over 102 for 24 hours. Thursday and Friday morning he kept sticking his hand in his mouth and when he went to eat lunch, well, that was a screaming experience. I figured he either had a sore throat, ear infection, tooth issue or, after looking on internet, hand, foot and mouth disease. And yes, I did call it Hoof and Mouth when I was talking to my husband. Badabum!

Go to our 3 o'clock appointment and ding ding!!! Hand, Foot and Mouth it is!! The doctor gave us three bottles of children's Motrin, thank you for the freebies! It seemed to help more than the acetaminophen. He did wake up twice last night at 9 and 10:30, but after that, slept until about 5:30. At that time I went into his room and moved the fan thinking he was a touch cold and it may have been because he fell back asleep until 7am. Not bad. He is better today and currently on a bike ride with daddy. He loves sitting in the little trailer and says …


Hold onto your hats and panties, I have finished my short story.

You hear that rumble? I think God just passed out.

Seriously, I finished some time after ten o'clock last night. Well, I actually reworked the last paragraph this morning, but it is done and now I need to send it off to Glimmer Train. It may not be what they are looking for, but just knowing it is done and that I can email it for publication or rejection is wonderfully exhilarating. It also now allows me to get back to working on my novel. Those characters and I have not been together for a month or so, but they have not been far from my mind. I so look forward to immersing myself back in their world. Creation is a funny thing. You really do get tied up into these people that you alone have given life to Even if it is historical fiction, you are giving words to say a Henry the 8th or Edith Wharton. You are giving them their voice and their personalities for all to see.
In my case, I have taken very well known figure…

Yard Work and Peaches

For some inexplicable reason, the prior owners to our home planted Yuccas in the backyard.
I hate the wretched things because one, to me they do not look right in the NJ landscape though there are gardeners who love subtropical plantings and second, they have a vast root system which makes them a touch difficult to dispose of. Yesterday I went out to where they are and was going to just weed around them as they were infringing on my catmint and oregano plants. Well, I started to pull and one plant came right out. Oh yeah, that was all I needed and now my land is devoid of the Yucca. Not all the roots are gone, but I can work at that. I did manage to get a bunch of them unearthed along with a baby snake, two big millipedes and various sized pill bugs, ants, ear wigs, crickets and centipedes. I also pulled up a diseased root that smelled so bad I dry heaved. Good times. Now I have this blank canvas and am trying to decide what to do put there.  I do want to try to stick to native plants…

A Great Idea

Okay, this is one of those that make me go, "Duh! Great idea!" From Home 2 Me.

Use drink dispenser for liquid detergent

Today's recipe from Daily Bites Blog: Sunflower Oatmeal Crunch


A Birthday Gift

Friends of ours have three little gals turning three in September. Whew!
Their father is of the motto: "Experiences instead of gifts", especially when it comes to himself and his partner, so I figured perhaps it would be wise to do the same with the three little ones. Sure I can buy them clothes or hair stuff, but they have a lot of nice clothes and toys. Some have been handed down, bought at sales or consignment shops and let's face it, most parents would prefer to have less "stuff" in their homes.
They live close to NYC which presents a delightful array of options, some pricier than others. And so, in my mind I want to send these little darlings to tea. That's right. Tea. In Manhattan.
Apparently I believe myself to be a Rockefeller descendant and will stop at nothing to make this happen. Then again, I may just buy them boxes of a tea and their own tea set and then can have their own parties. LOL
Of course, I myself, would like to do these teas so maybe w…

Oh To Be A DIY Wunderkind

I love that word. It sounds so...German and so official.  I also feel the word has been overused mostly by authors of magazine articles because it is always in the context of some up and coming chef, tech entrepreneur or financial brain. They are all "wunderkinds".
If I was to be a wunderkind I think it would be of the DIY sort. My sewing skills are minimal and my knitting skills, while good, are nowhere on par to the designers at Rowan Yarns. I can swing a hammer but have never built anything except IKEA furniture which makes me a pro with an allen wrench like no one else. But if I had some serious skills, what would I be willing to try? I am not afraid of failure. Trust me, I have had two novels rejected along with short stories so my skin is thick. Sadly, I worry more about the cost of the materials and then if I mess it up, well then, that is money gone. I mean, some sweater patterns require certain yarns that in the end make the project cost $250!! Um, no, I can go to T…

Collateral From This Recession

Let us start off with a recipe before I get into a very heavy topic.

Country Living has a nice recipe for Green Tomato Gratin.

Last night I was disappointed to see that one of my favorite bloggers, An Historical Lady, will be signing off from the sphere. No one likes to see a familiar voice disappear and while most of us get that "Life Gets In The Way" I am angry that she has no choice but to be silent for awhile or maybe even forever.
I am in no way her voice, but let me put it in a nutshell for you. Her and her husband are pretty much impoverished and have hit a wall of massive depression. I could sugar coat, but why bother? Her husband had a good paying job like many other Americans, then BAM, job gone. After sending out resume after resume, he had to take a very low paying job and then another. So he works two jobs and combined they do not make enough for them to even survive. She is in antiques and that industry took a major hit when the economy went to crap. They also h…

The Plight of Honey Bees

Heard a very interesting program about the plight of bees on NPR's Leonard Lopate Show. What was heartbreaking to hear was how experienced bee keepers are getting out of the business due to the massive losses caused by Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and how crop monocultures (soy, corn, wheat) that are doing serious harm. I have planted flowers to help encourage bees, but I have admit I very rarely have seen a honeybee around my garden. Mostly bumble bees, carpenter bees, butterflies, parasitic wasps and hummingbird moths are what I have seen. I do have beautiful sunflowers, bee balm, lavender, hyssop, Russian sage, a butterfly bush, catmint, columbine, lemon balm, echinacea and let a lot of my herbs go to flower to keep feeding the wildlife. You will never see a more interesting frenzy then when you let oregano go to flower, it is pretty awesome.

Here is the link to the Leonard Lopate show. Hopefully they post a podcast for it soon.
Dying Honeybees

Some London scientists are not t…

Sometimes it Ain't Easy

If you read a lot of simple living blogs, there is no way you could misinterpret how much work is done by those who have chosen the path of home maker. I do believe some people think we walk around like Snow White singing, eating bon bons and looking so put together. Listen, if I had seven little men to order around and do some of my work I would be giddy. Don't tell me Miss Snow didn't do such a thing. It is a Grimm's Fairy Tale after all ;-) As for those that work outside of the home as well, God Bless you.
I think what miffs me the most is that I do as much multitasking at home, maybe even more, than when I was an Executive Assistant. Too bad I can't put it on a resume. Also, I do not buy into this recent BS of "Leaning In". Like most people don't take on enough crap I need some millionaire Facebook chick telling me I can "have it all". Did you ask me? What if I think I have it all already? Why the hell should I need to be in constant competi…

No Texting While Driving Dammit

Director Werner Herzog released a 35 minute film, backed by the cell phone companies,  about the perils of texting while driving. I have never cried through what is pretty much a PSA before, but this one will rip your heart out and make you angry. ( I want to know every sentence these people got, if any, and why the teenager in Vermont got such a slap on the wrist for ruining someone's life.) For once, I wish this was forced watching throughout the world and I also think it needs to be treated like drunk driving. While we are at it, perhaps there is a way for phones to lock the texting mechanism when the GPS picks up you are driving. Anything to prevent more stories like these.

From One Second To The Next

AT&T -


Rainy Friday

Have a lot going on today. I need to take dog to vet since she has some black wart shaped bump on her body which may or may not be cancerous. :( It is pouring out. I am still working on submitting a short story, I have started over with one of my completed books, about the Bounty Hunters, by taking bits of it and turning it into a working short story.  Yes, I like to torture myself :)
Since I wanted to make sure my two men have something for lunch while I am out with Izzy, I made this tuna pasta salad from Betty Crocker. I used scallions and omitted the peas and added tomatoes. I hope I get to try some when I get back!

Tuna Macaroni Salad


Stop Comparison Shopping

I know you are thinking I may have lost a bit of my mind, and I may have, but how many of us look at magazines and blogs about nicer things and suddenly feel as if what we have or what we wear pretty much sucks? I am guilty of it as I am sure you are at times. What if we just stopped doing that? What if we stepped back and said, "My house may not be a mansion, but it is my home. My car may be ten years old, but I own it." Envy is an ugly sin and it raises its head more and more as we are thrust celebrity lifestyles in our face on a daily basis. Luckily, if you avoid TV, which I do, then you never have the barrage of advertising telling you how inadequate you are. Of course, I do read magazines and blogs and there are times Houzz makes me feel like I live in a hovel, but let's face it, I could never handle a 5000 sq foot house nor would I want to. I have yet to see one that looks remotely homey. Showplaces are not meant to invoke a feeling of warmth and security. Dependin…

Today's Favorite Quote

My 19 month toddler is going through sleep regression with his naps. Yes That's right. Refusal to rest because he may miss something like Hugh Jackman coming over to play. (Hey, I have to fantasize when I am frazzled.) I understand that for his growing little mind it is hard to comprehend that when he wakes up, all things will be there and he can continue playing and living life. So while he panics thinking things will happen that are so exciting he must scream so he can stay up and not miss them, Mama would like a very stiff drink.
The good news is after howling like a wounded harpy he finally nodded off.
Mama still could use a drink. A Bloody Mary or Gin and Tonic would be best. Send Hugh to the front door with it please.

Last night I remarked to my husband how this quote absolutely applies to me.

"I write a little every day, without hope and without despair." - Isak Dinesen

Gotta keep your humor at all times right? I am now going to bust into a bag of Ghirardelli milk…