Monday, July 15, 2013

The Heatwave is Making Me Act This Way

I actually posted a chiding, matronly comment on Apartment Therapy. Why? Because it is hot and I am fed up with the whole "I am better than you and you are so uptight" design crowd.
Perhaps I should just shower.
Or drink.
Seriously, the post was about this guy's "Man Cave" a term I hate and quite a few people commented on the room, which was very nicely done,  but also on why they too disliked the term. The backlash was like reading the nasty comments usually posted on places like CNN and I decided enough was enough. So I sounded off and most likely I will be told to piss off and I don't really care. Here is a link to the post if you are interested. I don't get why one is called out as being "too PC" if you don't care for a specific term. I wasn't saying it degraded anyone, I just felt it is a stupid term to use and others expressed their opinion way better than I did. I mean, we are on a design site and no one can have differing opinions about design trends or ideas? Come on.

And for everyone in the simple living/frugal community, I found this comment about using Amazon Prime pretty damn funny.
For a busy professional person and freelancers, Amazon is a godsend-
no need to feel guilty! You are saving your own time, helping the economic recovery and keeping UPS in business!

I love that someone actually buys (ha ha) into the whole BS that more shopping helps the economic recovery and that UPS needs business. WHAT??? Okay, okay, I will settle down. Apparently the editor of Apartment Therapy adores his Amazon Prime, which I believe is very useful for some folks especially if rural or work odd hours or are disabled. It was quickly noted by many how awful the warehouses are and how this feeds into consumerism as well as the environmental impact. Interesting arguments on all sides and it really made you think.
But remember, you don't get low prices for nothing my friends.
Confession: I'm Addicted to Amazon Prime


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