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I Need A Good Laugh

I wanted to be a touch more chipper today, but I just found out a good friend who had been on unemployment for a very long time and recently got a job at a mortgage company, just got laid off again. The reason?

Rates are going up.

People are sh*t.

I can't even find it in me to vent at this point so I wanted to share a movie that has forever been in my top ten of all time favorites since my high school years.

I adore John Cusack. I feel like I grew up with the guy and have always wanted to do Thanksgiving with his family. Can you imagine just how cool it would be to sit between him and Joan??? While I do find him attractive, it is his acting that has always been stellar to me no matter if he is Gibson in The Sure Thing or Roy Dillon in The Grifters. Another terrific film you must see.
Anyway, I recently watched The Sure Thing again and even though I knew where I would laugh, there were scenes and dialogue I had forgotten about which made it nice to rediscover. It felt fantastic to just let go and watch Gibson's antics and relive the romantic/sexual angst we have all been through as college freshmen. So without further fanfare, kick back and watch a 16/17 year old John Cusack rock the screen.

Today's Recipe: Ezra Pound Cake's Popcorn with Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Drizzled Dark Chocolate.



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    1. It is a shame he does not do more leading man roles. I could do with watching him in action. Oh God, I need to get out more!


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