Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dehydrators, GMOs, Ideal Clinics and Yummy Recipes

Today I am much calmer thanks to my venting session yesterday. Thank you.

One of the few things many of us have control over is how we eat and what we eat. There is a strong movement for whole foods/real foods. Which in a way is how all of our grandparents ate. Funny how convenience foods took us away from a very healthy diet to one that pretty much wreaks havoc on our bodies. Go innovation!
I know I have mentioned this show here before, but certain things bear repeating. If you want to see how people have eaten over the centuries, I highly recommend a binge viewing of The Supersizers Go series from the BBC.  Here is a clip from the Regency period.

Some of these diets are just foul. Especially when they were unable to drink the water in London so they drank Ale all day and even when babies were weaned, they were weaned onto ale!! The idea of being hammered from dawn until night makes my head hurt and intestines quiver in pain.

Back to food. I do not purchase any known brands that could have GMOs in them. Let me be clear, I actually buy very few 'brands'. If I but any, it is Annie's, Natures Path, Santa Cruz Lemonade and Vans Cinnamon Harvest cereal which my husband and son devour with glee. For store brands I do Trader Joe's/Wegmans/Whole Foods. Those store brands are not perfect so I have had to work around that and find better brands. Believe it or not Target's seafood is higher rated than Trader Joe's and more sustainable. We buy their tilapia, salmon and swai and the prices are also excellent. Another great brand is Eden Foods. Anything they make is fabulous so if you need canned beans or something they are a excellent choice.
When it comes to GMO's,  the arguments if they are safe or not safe are still being debated so I prefer to err on the side of unsafe and go from there. The major thing I have had to make peace with is not everyone I know adheres to non GMO's in their home. Whenever I see Wesson Oil or Land O Lakes butter at someones house I cringe, but  at the same time, I am grateful to be invited to dinner and to be fed well. I also hope the fact that I eat these foods on such rare occasions I should be fine. Fingers crossed!! Most of you have pretty much done the research, but Here is a link to a post on Mamanatural.com which goes into much more detail about the arguments and the foods affected.

One of my current obsessions is getting a dehydrator. I have read up on Nesco and Excalibur and still cannot decide. While those who have the Excalibur love it, the machine is a bit pricey. Katie of Kitchenstewardship.com did a side by side comparison of Nesco's American Harvest vs the Excalibur and while it did help, I am still on the fence. The Excalibur is close to $250.00 and is massive. The Nesco is closer to $60 and not as big. I know I should choose which would best suit my family's needs, but I have read a few complaints about the Nesco motor burning out quickly. So, is this a case of spending more to get more? The Excalibur has a 10year warranty if I buy directly from them, but it still is a nice chunk of change. Yes I have made it this far in life without one, but I would like to dry fruits since my son adores pretty much every fruit he has tried. Plus it would be a great way to have snacks on hand without having to purchase them. My research on these machines will continue.

I just discovered this physician, Pamela Wible, MD who has setup what she calls, Ideal Clinics. She went through her community in Oregon and asked people how the experience of having to go see a doctor could be improved upon. She actually listened and implemented what the people wanted. Refreshing right? Now quite a few doctors in other states have embraced this concept which sounds pretty much like what a lot of us would like to experience. I do like my primary care physician, and she does give you the opportunity to discuss stuff, but you always feel like you are on the clock regardless. Maybe this idea can take off and more and more physicians will get behind the process.

Ms. Marmite Lover had a delicious looking summer started recipe, Melon with Smoked Salmon.

Garlicky Shrimp Avocado Sandwiches from Annie's Eats looks so perfect for patio dining, beach dining, hell, anywhere dining.

We all know the zucchinis are coming, so from Against All Grains I bring you a delicious looking Lemon Parsely Grilled recipe.

Cheers and stay cool!


  1. Hi Miss Fifi~
    I profiled 'The Supersizers Go'....on my own blog a year or two ago! We did indeed binge on that show several years ago, and keep hoping they will make more!
    We watch a lot of 'Brit' TV, and people have asked me to list some of our favs, so I may do that in upcoming posts.
    You should also check out the old series, 'Escape to River Cottage', and 'Return to River Cottage'. (NOT the newer years, but those original shows. He is a marvelous natural cook, and we loved watching the shows. I don't think many are on Youtube---We watched it on another free site. I can't remember the name, but will find it and maybe post about that on my blog in future.

  2. Thanks to you mentioning it again not too long ago, you got me hooked! And I got a friend hooked on the series as well. I loved the humor and the costuming and even the intense food prep. Really something. You should list more as I am always looking for historical series to watch and share.

  3. Hi Miss Fifi!
    I remembered the River Cottage shows are on dailymotion.com
    This is a free site. Enjoy!
    We have LOTS more fav shows that we have found and that we love and I may share some in a future post on my blog.