Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Rant and a Recipe

I have been reading a lot of blog posts that have discussed tackling debt and meal plans, etc. Down to Earth is doing a series and Frugal Queen always has great tips as well. Most of the information is very helpful. What caught my attention was these folks do not have to worry so much in regards to healthcare because they happen to live places where thankfully, it is covered. I know it is not a perfect system, but hey, it is better than having to mortgage your home or piss away your savings. Here in the US, the health care system is a burden on many pocketbooks. If you are lucky and have no health issues, you should be fine, but if you do have any type of chronic or terminal illness? Look out, you will struggle. Sure there are employer plans, but some of them just now outright suck due to coverage cutbacks  or have been changed to make the deductibles higher for the employee. Yes I am bitching about it because that can make or break a lot of families. Families which the politicians of this fine country claim to care so much about. When I say families I mean every version of family you can conjure. Of course some people believe it is not the corporations responsibility to offer coverage and I say bull. You want my skills and me healthy to work for you then you better make sure I can afford to do so. By being unhealthy costs go to a broken system and you have to struggle to save what you can even though your radiology bill may be $1500.00
Another sad thing I have noticed is how many people out there that have commented on these posts and on some other blogs, about losing their jobs, redundancies and unable to find work after a year or more. Some are trying to get by on the minimum wage here in the States and we all know that can barely feed one person let alone two or more. And yes, raising it gets fought all the time. See here.  I am not sure how to get jobs back to the US, but for God's sake, we need some sort of tangible and affordable solution. Most people cannot afford to go back to school and most companies no longer offer paid training or training on the job at all. The Libertarain attitude of "you can make it if you work hard enough and want it bad enough" seems naive at this point. Add to that just how amazed I am at the disconnect of our politicians to their own citizens and I want to scream. On more than one occasion I have considered emailing the mighty in Congress a couple of links to these sites so they could see just what was happening in the real world. Read some comments you lunkheads and you might see where the "Average Joe" is struggling with. Do I think it would matter? No, but I would at least feel like I could say, "Hey, these are your citizens, your beloved constituents. They do not have corporate backing, but they contribute to the well being of the nation's economy. Stop pissing all over them." None of these folks, from what I have read, are asking for handouts or expect to be coddled for years. They want work, not food stamps, but dammit, if they need the stamps, give it to them and stop acting like we were the ones that were the sole cause of this recession in the first place!!
And scene. Thank you for letting me rant.

I made this Crispy Garlic Kale and Chorizo with Beans last night and it was delicious. I even made crusty bread to go with it and I highly recommend it for a nice dinner with leftovers. I did not do the step of removing garlic and sausage from pan and it turned out fine. I also only used one link of soy chorizo, but you can use regular chorizo and use the recommended two if you like.


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