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A Rainy Sunday and Bring Your Company

I survived my surgery. Hooray! Although, let's just say the second and third days were worse when it came to pain and swelling. By Thursday afternoon it looked like I had gone a few rounds with someones fist. Not too, too bad and no bruising, but when I went to articulate certain words I it felt as if my gum had ripped open. O-U-C-H!!!!! Seriously though, how do women with face lifts function? You can't speak with tight skin and I only had one side of my face to contend with. Today, I am much better and it has gone down to a dull, throbbing ache. I have one amoxicillin pill left and I have Tylenol since I ran out of Advil.  I also dislike how funky the putty protecting the scar feels and tastes. My breath smells like sour putty. Very sexy. Eh, no biggie. I get the stitches out on Friday which I look forward to, though I wonder if it will hurt or burn? I am over thinking this waaaaaaaay too much. HAHA! Regardless of my boo-boo, we still met up with friends and socialized. Which got me thinking. First, let me back track a touch. I read quite a few blogs and while most are deisgn based I also tend to be dawn to topics on homesteading/simple living,  food and vintage style. Now, there are a few I read pretty regularly.

Down To Earth (Australia)
Frugal Queen (UK)
Going Gently (UK)
An Historical Lady (New Hampshire, USA)

All of them, well barring Going Gently which is probably one of the more hilarious life blogs I have ever read and deserves to be a book and a best seller at that, address the economic state of affairs in their neck of the woods and it is not pretty. I find it terribly interesting that politicians continue to spew the garbage they spew about how to save the economy of their countries when all it would take is a click and a pause to see their views are pretty much wrong. The insight I have gained by reading these blogs is not just from the author but from the commenters who basically come from all over the globe. They chime in with personal stories of economic plight or about others who are suffering. They all vent their terrible frustration at broken systems and failed policies and the rising food prices. Regardless of country, we are all on the same ship except out fearless leaders do not see it that way. The US claims Socialist Europe is a failure, but it is not as if our Capitalist society is doing much better. Banks/Wall Street are reviled here at this point, but we are told not to hate the rich and to stop blaming them for our own misfortune. I'm sorry, did I miss my bailout check???
I digress. Something was pointed out in a recent post on An Historical Lady that upset me and compelled me to write. A suggestion of getting together with friends to ease any struggles was met with, "No one wants to be around people in our situation."
Now, I am sure she was not implying every single person she knows does not associate with them, but I know she feels bad she cannot entertain properly and that sort of stunned me and made me sad. Friends should want to be around you regardless if you feed them or not. This put a bee in my bonnet. Why in God's good name would anyone abandon their friends if they hit a rough patch? Okay, I get it, no one likes to sit around and discuss death, tragedies, sadness, etc, but come on now. If a friend is in need of a a cup of tea and a homemade scone, what does it cost you? Yes there are situations where people who hit bad times that did nothing to help themselves and play the victim. We have a friend who is acquainted with someone just like that. She hit rock bottom, but still refuses to see the troubles and I bless our friend for even putting up with her stupidity at this point. But for those who have done everything to save themselves, why abandonment? Wouldn't it be a kind thing, a Christian thing to do? Not everything should cost something. When people lose their jobs, going to dinner is not in the cards, so bring them dinner or just bring them a cup of coffee and lend an ear. You can even bring them a cake you made, but most of all, bring them your company. No one is asking you to pay their oil bill. Friends are what everyone needs during these awful downturns. Human interaction is key all the time, but even more so when the chips are down and taken away. We have all reached out to find others who are of like minds and connect. We feel each other's pains and triumphs. We have become a network of understanding, of helping one another get over debt, cooking lasting recipes and rooting for the little person. See: Jack Monroe The Modern Face of Poverty. Don't stop talking to someone because you do not know what to say. Talk about books, talk about life, talk about anything and do not be afraid to ask them if they just want to sit in silence. Sometimes your presence is all that is required when someone is feeling low.
And while I am still on my soapbox, let us do away with the phrase "American Dream" please? To me it has always been like selling the "40 Acres and a Mule" concept. Times have changed A LOT in America and just working hard is not the answer anymore. I am tired of politicians telling me if I work hard I will attain the American Dream. Bull. I was not born with a silver place setting in my mouth and I know how it works here. Maybe int he 50's or 60's I could have gotten far, but all the research now tells us mobility is more difficult than ever in the States. Now, I do not need to be a millionaire, but I certainly am tired of watching the working classes be ridiculed and kicked around as if they were lazy buggers causing the problems of my country. SubPrime loans anyone? There is no American Dream anymore. It is American Survival now my friends and it sucks and it is global. I have not had a chance to see this Frontline Documentary yet, but I have read enough reviews to know I will be in an emotional roller coaster through a viewing.
Two American Families.
Be well.

Today's Recipe - Food In Jars: Yellow Tomato and Basil Jam



  1. Awww...I know that your 'dental' experience must have been awful! I am glad you are feeling a little better!


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