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Great Info Graphic Re: Botulism and Canning

Thank you to Erica at Northwest Edible Life for one of the coolest info graphics explaining canning and the world's deadliest toxin Botulinum. Who would have thought it could be made fun?Seriously though, it is very informative and helpful for those of us who have yet to attempt canning.Here is a link to her post and the pdf which you can print out and hang up or pass onto others. I admit I had a fear of poisoning myself and others if I did a small batch jam session, but now I am not so fearful. Do not know when I will attempt it, but at least I feel better equipped to go forward.

How Not To Die From Botulism

Today's Recipe: Homemade Mayo via Northwest Edible Life


I Need A Good Laugh

I wanted to be a touch more chipper today, but I just found out a good friend who had been on unemployment for a very long time and recently got a job at a mortgage company, just got laid off again. The reason?

Rates are going up.

People are sh*t.

I can't even find it in me to vent at this point so I wanted to share a movie that has forever been in my top ten of all time favorites since my high school years.

I adore John Cusack. I feel like I grew up with the guy and have always wanted to do Thanksgiving with his family. Can you imagine just how cool it would be to sit between him and Joan??? While I do find him attractive, it is his acting that has always been stellar to me no matter if he is Gibson in The Sure Thing or Roy Dillon in The Grifters. Another terrific film you must see.
Anyway, I recently watched The Sure Thing again and even though I knew where I would laugh, there were scenes and dialogue I had forgotten about which made it nice to rediscover. It fel…

A Rainy Sunday and Bring Your Company

I survived my surgery. Hooray! Although, let's just say the second and third days were worse when it came to pain and swelling. By Thursday afternoon it looked like I had gone a few rounds with someones fist. Not too, too bad and no bruising, but when I went to articulate certain words I it felt as if my gum had ripped open. O-U-C-H!!!!! Seriously though, how do women with face lifts function? You can't speak with tight skin and I only had one side of my face to contend with. Today, I am much better and it has gone down to a dull, throbbing ache. I have one amoxicillin pill left and I have Tylenol since I ran out of Advil.  I also dislike how funky the putty protecting the scar feels and tastes. My breath smells like sour putty. Very sexy. Eh, no biggie. I get the stitches out on Friday which I look forward to, though I wonder if it will hurt or burn? I am over thinking this waaaaaaaay too much. HAHA! Regardless of my boo-boo, we still met up with friends and socialized. Which…

A Monday Quickie

Heatwave is pretty much done. Hooray!!

Got to play with some friends this weekend which was very nice and fun.

This Wednesday I have the pleasure of getting my right gum cut open to clean out a growing abscess under a root canal. Oh joy. I do not feel it or anything, but it showed up on the x-ray and it is nice gaping pocket of pus. I just started 500mg amoxicillin 4 times a day and I have to take it for seven days. I am not excited about having lots of novocaine and a knife in my mouth, but better to repair then get an implant I guess. My luck they will cut me open and then realize I need an implant anyway. The correct term for what I am having done is called an apicoectomy. All I have to say is, thank goodness we have dental insurance, though the endodontist  does not take our insurance. They will submit anyway and MetLife will cover a certain amount and we go from there. Remember to floss kiddies!

A friend sent a nice recipe for Blueberry Bars. They come courtesy of the website Dou…

Relax on the Train

Rhonda at Down to Earth posted a link to Oliver Burkeman of the Guardian who shared videos of uneventful train journeys. My 18 month old son and I sat down and watched a little bit of the ten hour Norway trip,so pretty and then checked out Scotland. I skipped some parts and on the way to Fort William, my son feel asleep. I will now save every single one of these videos for future need. Bravo.
One of things I wish America had a really lovely railway system. We are a young country, but Europe and other places have much better trains. Amtrak sucks. I would love to travel through the Plains, heading West. What a way to see a country.

Calming Train Video

Joy the Baker has a wonderful Peach Cobbler Scone recipe that I would like to make. The problem is, it would be me eating most of the scones.

Heatwave is almost over. Amen!


Basil, Peaches, Wabi Sabi and No More Block

I just went out in this wretched heat to pick up our weekly share from our CSA. A really good bounty this week. There is a nice amount of basil, but I am feeling rebellious and not wanting to make pesto. I love pesto, but I do like challenging myself with new recipes and so I did a search and came across basil creamsicles. I know the first reaction is "Ewww, really??" But they do sound and look very refreshing.

BASIL CREAMSICLE (from Deliciously Organic via Food Loves Writing)

I am also searching for a peach scone or muffin recipe since we got 8 peaches and stone fruit is not big with the husband. Blueberries came again and I doubt the pint will last long since my son and I eat them like they were bursting by the barrel full out our door. Oh how I wish they were I love them so much.
I want to substitute honey for sugar because I did not buy any sugar and do not want to buy any due to the cost so here is what I found on

To use honey in place of 1 cup of sugar, us…

The Heatwave is Making Me Act This Way

I actually posted a chiding, matronly comment on Apartment Therapy. Why? Because it is hot and I am fed up with the whole "I am better than you and you are so uptight" design crowd.
Perhaps I should just shower.
Or drink.
Seriously, the post was about this guy's "Man Cave" a term I hate and quite a few people commented on the room, which was very nicely done,  but also on why they too disliked the term. The backlash was like reading the nasty comments usually posted on places like CNN and I decided enough was enough. So I sounded off and most likely I will be told to piss off and I don't really care. Here is a link to the post if you are interested. I don't get why one is called out as being "too PC" if you don't care for a specific term. I wasn't saying it degraded anyone, I just felt it is a stupid term to use and others expressed their opinion way better than I did. I mean, we are on a design site and no one can have differing opini…

"We sail within a vast sphere, ever drifting in uncertainty, driven from end to end" - Blaise Pascal

Unsure what to call this post, a quote seemed like a good idea and it makes me seem oh so witty.
I watched another documentary, but this one did not give me a twitch and was sweet, poignant and funny. About twin 69 year old prostitutes in Amsterdam, "Meet the Fokkens" surprised me in so many ways. I know there are quite a few people out there who find prostitution horrific, I do not. I wish it was legalized here in the US, but with the religious right and other interest groups, well, that is a whole other post. I look at it as a way to get rid of the pimps, ensure the women have health care and savings/investments and help defeat the sex trade. And no, my rose colored glasses are not foggy. I am sure there will still be scumbags exploiting their chattel as they consider the prostitutes, but let us make it harder for them to do so shall we? Anyway, the documentary is not so much about the sex trade industry as it is about two vibrant women who speak matter of factly and have …

Dehydrators, GMOs, Ideal Clinics and Yummy Recipes

Today I am much calmer thanks to my venting session yesterday. Thank you.

One of the few things many of us have control over is how we eat and what we eat. There is a strong movement for whole foods/real foods. Which in a way is how all of our grandparents ate. Funny how convenience foods took us away from a very healthy diet to one that pretty much wreaks havoc on our bodies. Go innovation!
I know I have mentioned this show here before, but certain things bear repeating. If you want to see how people have eaten over the centuries, I highly recommend a binge viewing of The Supersizers Go series from the BBC.  Here is a clip from the Regency period.

Some of these diets are just foul. Especially when they were unable to drink the water in London so they drank Ale all day and even when babies were weaned, they were weaned onto ale!! The idea of being hammered from dawn until night makes my head hurt and intestines quiver in pain.

Back to food. I do not purchase any known brands that coul…

A Documentary Pissed Me Off

Quick recipe here from Annie's Eats for Strawberry Scones and then a rant for everyone else who continues on.

Now that we got that out of the way, rich to me is when you can pay the bills and not worry. The rich we are going to discuss are multi-billionaires. People who could pay all our bills and still afford to purchase an apartment building or two in Manhattan. Good for them.
First off, I am a little sick and tired that anyone who hates social injustices or wants to keep the safety nets in place here in the US or wants the rich to pay more taxes is called out as "demonizing the wealthy". We have to be nice to them because they "create the jobs" and why should we tax them so heavily because of all the good they do. Oh the stupid, it hurts.
The Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, Carnegies, Astors, Fricks, and all the original robber barons if you will, created empires and were amazing philanthropists that actually cared about the foundations th…

Behold Our Vegetable Garden

And the sunflower that is like a giant sentinel. It has one big head and two heads below it which I have never seen before so I cannot wait to see that baby in bloom.
The tomatoes are doing poorly, but the carrots, lemon basil, kale and swiss chard are kicking butt. My jalapenos have pretty little flowers and I hope the prove to be fruitful as well. We did not have our CSA this past week due to the holiday so I am excited for this upcoming week's haul. We should be getting blueberries and cherries!

It was 90 here today and will be 91 tomorrow. Stay cool everyone!

Random Recipe: Summer Green Bean Salad thanks to 101 Cookbooks.


Happy 4th of July

Today is America's Independence Day and the 10th birthday of our crazy, but loved Jack Russell, Isadora aka Izzy.
It is hot and humid here in NJ, one of the Thirteen Colonies, though there is a breeze blowing now and then.
While wool is not something I care to think about at this moment, these Stars & Stripes Felted Hot Pads would be welcome at any BBQ.


A Rant and a Recipe

I have been reading a lot of blog posts that have discussed tackling debt and meal plans, etc. Down to Earth is doing a series and Frugal Queen always has great tips as well. Most of the information is very helpful. What caught my attention was these folks do not have to worry so much in regards to healthcare because they happen to live places where thankfully, it is covered. I know it is not a perfect system, but hey, it is better than having to mortgage your home or piss away your savings. Here in the US, the health care system is a burden on many pocketbooks. If you are lucky and have no health issues, you should be fine, but if you do have any type of chronic or terminal illness? Look out, you will struggle. Sure there are employer plans, but some of them just now outright suck due to coverage cutbacks  or have been changed to make the deductibles higher for the employee. Yes I am bitching about it because that can make or break a lot of families. Families which the politicians of…