Thursday, June 13, 2013

Random Goodies

I was up at 5:30am this morning because our cat Chloe decided she needed to eat. This has become her normal waking hour and I must say this displeases me greatly. I snoop quietly past my son's door because out upstairs floors are very creaky and grab my gym wear. I feed the "starving" feline, get dressed and go and do my best to get fit for about 30-40 minutes. One of my favorite new workouts is the rowing machine. It gets the muscles going, the sound of the machine is actually relaxing and when I am done I feel as if I just competed at the Head of the Charles Regatta. Here is an article on how to properly row an there is a video included which I have watched several times to make sure I do not hurt myself.  I may still ask one of the trainers at my gym to watch me to make sure anyway. Proper Way To Row

Went and got this week's CSA haul and I am a little giddy that beets were in there. I love beets. Even though when one prepares them their sink and hands resemble an episode of Dexter. I am not sure what I will do with them yet, but I hope to enjoy them some time this weekend.

I made Roasted Asparagus, Scallions and Carrots last night and it was so darn good!! I do not buy or use baby carrots so I just took my regular ones and cut them down.

Are you the outdoorsy type that likes to go on long hikes? Not me, but here is a list of the Ten Essentials as posted on 72 Hour Bag. No one should be caught in the wilderness unawares and sadly, it does still happen. Be careful people and take the time to prep for your adventure okay?

I had to search high and low to find a place online to sell my son's gDiapers.  I finally settled on and I have my fingers crossed that someone buys them. If I can't sell them I may just donate them. There seems to be quite a few places that take used cloth diapers for low income families. I can get behind that idea so that is what I will do if after 60 days I get no interest. I am not looking to make my exact money back, just a little something to put in his piggy bank.

Managing Space In A Tiny Home has pointers I think anyone can use.

I am looking into picking up popsicle molds. I think the little man will dig that. Bed Bath and Beyond have some and I do have 20% there so that may be where I go.

Pizza Cups - well, these look yummy.



  1. Oh Miss Fifi!
    What a coincidence! I had some popsicle molds for many years that I just got down from the attic, and I ordered more on Amazon--They just came last weekend! I was going to do a post with my 'healthy,'legal' pop recipes!
    I eat only 'healthy'---no white flour, rice---anything white, no sugar, processed foods, pop,junk food, fatty food, etc. I also have been working out here at home at least 3 times a day---from fitness shows on TV to bike riding and walking with weights. (Going to a gym, etc., is not an option).
    I have been making my 'treats'---Healthy popsicles I can have. Frozen cantalope (processed in a food processor) with salt and a tad of honey, watermelon with mint from my herb garden, and pure plain carrot juice! They are all delicious and guilt free. I have more I'm trying too.
    Get some molds and have a ball!

  2. The popsicles you make sound great and something we would enjoy.
    I am doing my best to cut back on sugar. Using honey instead in most cases. Part of the reason is because I read recently that sugar may cause high cholesterol which I have. I did cut back on cheese and I work out and it never lowered my numbers so perhaps sugar is it OR I just have naturally high cholesterol. (238 is the number)
    Who really knows though as we are well aware the "bad" foods list changes all the time. ex: Eggs bad, now good. LOL