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Peonies, Deer and Veggie Garden

I adore flowers. If I had my way I would do away with most of the grass and have carpets of flowers everywhere. Of course this is not possible and grass is necessary, I guess.
Anyway, when we bought out house it came with a peony. I had no idea how fortunate I was until it bloomed and I fell in love.  Last year I noticed that next to it a new plant was growing and I became even more giddy. Oddly enough I never cut any to being into the house. I just loved going over to them and smelling them and commenting on their beauty.
The other day I noticed my neighbor snipping some of his irises and peonies and placing them in a case.
This was my "duh" moment.
So just a few minutes ago I went out and voila! I have a small but charming arrangement in my kitchen.

This now makes me want to grow hundreds of these and start work on my cutting garden which would need to have a ten foot electric fence around it because this morning I noticed that the beautiful vermin known as deer had chomped down some of my echinacea, my sunflower seedlings and of course, some of my hostas.  I just put mint in some pots and placed it by the sunflower sprouts in the hopes of thwarting the little bastards. I tried same thing with foxgloves last year by my hostas and they ate around them. Clever creatures, eh? They are sort of majestic looking, even though I want to smack it in the head with a shovel. Seriously though, I have no issues if the deer want to pick at the birdseed or drink from the birdbath, but mess with my gardens and it is on. I know, I know, they will win. (Hangs head in defeat.)

Here is also a partial shot of my vegetable garden. The back rows are carrots (and whole lot of unregulated mint to keep away the deer. See, my life has turned into a deer stopping mission.). A kind friend bought me a packet of carrot and sunflower seeds. The carrot seeds are the size of a gnat and I had no desire to take  tweezers and space them out correctly so I just did my best assuming my rocky dirt would produce nothing.  I am afraid that out of 500 seeds, 100 or more took. Good thing we love carrots. My tomato plants look like crap so I added more compost and even potting soil in the hopes of reviving them. We shall see. We did join a CSA this year so I know we will have tomatoes. It is just nice to be able to walk out into your yard and grab one when it is ripe.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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