Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On The Mend and Good Finds

We are doing better here. Though my little guy was exhausted after being up for only an hour and a half is now napping. Which is good. He needs his rest to heal.
Because I have been busy doing housework, I sound positively fifties, and then got sick I have not been up to sitting down and working on the my novel. Or I should say, I am not able to focus correctly an that  sucks. Sure I can bang out a blog post, but my novel? Not so much. I am hoping that I am feeling better by this evening and can maybe start getting back to work.

In other somewhat odd news, I have braved the frontier and a few weeks ago removed myself from Facebook. I was sort of tired of reading the same political rants over and over, including my own. I was also made uncomfortable more than once by some of the reveals by people in regards to their marriages, kids, etc. Seriously, the amount of jaw dropping moments I experienced due to "high school" brawls on people's walls or worse was becoming more frequent. And finally, I am no fan of Zuckerberg and Co and the relentless ads and privacy changes. So yes, I bit the bullet. This may seem hypocritical since I am blogging and also have a Pinterest and Google+ account, but I feel more in control with those. Don't misunderstand me, I am no fool and know for sure that Google mines my data, but it doesn't feel as sleazy. Ah silly me :) Do I feel disconnected ? Yes, in a sense. The world operates in a social media platform so by leaving Facebook I have cut myself off. It is sad and freaky all at once. You are only as current as your last post I guess. C'est la vie.

Lighter topics time!
If I had chickens and skills to build, this Mid century modern chicken coop may be the way I go.

Veggie Belly has an interesting looking cookie recipe. Eggless Cornflake Cookies.

This updated 1820's Cape home in Vermont is beautiful, but it is the kitchen windows over the sink I am drooling over.

Purl Bee has a pattern for beautiful slip stitch dishtowels that would look great in your home or make a terrific gift.

Wheatless Energy Bars via Reebecki Supergirl.

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Thanks for including my Wheatless Energy Bars! I hope you enjoyed them.

  2. No, thank you for such a terrific recipe. I cannot wait to make them and a friend of mine is eager to make them as well.