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Frugality and Fashion

It is a beautiful day here already. I made my eggless pancakes with chocolate chips of course and just cleared out a dry sink we have of old DVDs which got moved to a closet and platters were put in dry sink. I am went over my house list to see what else I could get done today. Now, the truth is, I should be working on my short story, but instead I am on Pinterest looking at vintage clothing. Easily distracted? Yes I am.
The reason for that is my wardrobe is currently pitiful. I have four, yes four, t shirts for the whole summer. I am not going to an office or going out to fancy pants places so I have not really shopped. I do have some nice pieces pre-baby but I do my best to keep them in good condition in case we do go somewhere that requires getting a little dolled up. And for the frugal minded who are all about "make do or do without", two pairs of pants I wear are actually maternity wear. I had gotten them when I was between 5-7 months pregnant so they fit well and I figured hey, why not? I do chose to wear some of my skirts,  but to be honest, I look like a devout fundamentalist of some sort due to the shapeless, long t-shirts over them. All I need to do is cover my head and I would be quite the picture.
I am all for wearing what you have. Look what people did for centuries. Closets were small because  you probably only had two or three dresses and a few tops and skirts, if that, but this world is much different. While I am not embarrassed that I have been wearing the same red, black or purple shirt every few days, it would be nice to add a piece or two to the mix. I have read A LOT of posts about going to thrift shops and not getting sucked into consumerism. I agree, but I am also not going to deny that a new sundress or skirt would make me a little giddy. Could I sew it? Perhaps, but in the time it would take me to do it I could have run to Marshalls and got one on discount. One of the reasons I have not bought any new clothes or shoes or bra (Lord God Almighty could you lower the prices on the larger bosom bras please, anyone????) is that we have been paying down debt. I am happy to forgo clothing and eating out to reach that goal of being credit card/school loan debt free, except my sandals are shot. Ripped up from the soles type of shot. Because of this my hips and feet are in immense pain. I do need to see the chiropractor and I did get new sneakers for the gym on sale with a $10 off coupon thank you, but otherwise I am so misaligned I feel like a Picasso. Lament, lament, lament. What is a gal to do? well, one of things that actually makes me feel better is to peruse beautiful things. Some people get jealous and angry, I actually get inspired or empowered. Go figure.


I could rock this house dress every day.

Can't you see me wearing this to the park to push my son on the swing?

How I would love to be sweeping about my house wearing this little number from House of DrĂ©coll. Of course I do not think I have ever had a waist that tiny. Maybe at birth. I think that waistline is equal to the circumference of my thigh. Such tiny ladies back in 1890 eh? I know there is a corset involved and my rib cage trembles at the idea, but for one night in this gown I think I could hack it.

Going off the clothing path here, but look at that stove!!

Thanks to our CSA I had cauliflower and collards to cook with and so I found this awesome recipe on for Pasta with Cauliflower and Collards. I only had linguine so I broke it in half and it came out just as tasty. You can add more garlic or throw in some crushed red pepper. I also chose to use the roasted cauliflower recipe from What's Cooking America and it came out heavenly.

Enjoy your day!



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