Monday, June 24, 2013

And it is Monday

This is Edith Wharton. I wish I had half her brilliance and I also wish I was able to sit and write for hours on end.

Good morning! I am attempting to write a short story and send it in by the 30th. My ambition may be a little crazy, but I need a diversion while I work on my novel. Not that the novel is not going well, it is just morphing into something unexpected. I have gutted the story to the point where all my prior notes and outline are sort of not necessary. So that makes it like I am starting over and the scary part is I have no idea if it will pay off in the end. I just go where the characters take me, but the hardest part is not being able to work on it consistently. I end up writing an hour or less here and there and I still have to make peace with that. Not easy, but I do my best until I have a small breakdown and my husband listens sympathetically to my rant about not being able to work and progress for the hundredth time. Poor man, he takes it so well when deep down he probably wishes he could escape his whining wife. Big sigh. If I had money, I would have an au pair just a few hours a day, but we do not and besides,  the cost would make me twitch so let's move on shall we?
By me writing a short story it gives me the opportunity to hone a skill that is sorely lacking. The main one being me sticking with writing a short story. I think it will make me feel better to do it, send it out and feel like I have accomplished something. Wish me luck me dears.

Read this great "interview between Michael Pollen and Ruth Reichl. Their love and respect for food is infectious and I swear they should have a weekly feature on NPR. Smithsonian Magazine: Michael Pollen and Ruth Reichl Hash out the Food Revolution

As someone who has high cholesterol, about 230, and seems to be genetically predisposed no less, I was on Zocor a few years back. I was also one of the lucky folks who had the charming side effect of sore leg muscles. I stopped and then got pregnant and quite frankly have no desire to go back on them. Seems there are a few people who have issues and it seems the numbers were wrong when it come to percentage of people being affected by the medicine. I have been wanting to cut sugar out of my diet more to see if that would help the numbers. Cutting cheese does nothing, amen to that, so maybe sugar is the possible culprit. Not that any doctor has suggested that to me. I read it somewhere and it has nagged at me ever since. Time to get serious and cut out the sweets then. Most go have one more scone in the meantime...
Side Effects Prompt Patients To Stop Cholesterol Drugs

Now this looks like something I can dip in a bowl of tzatziki. Farinata Genovese (Genovese Chickpea Flatbread)


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