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Frugality and Fashion

It is a beautiful day here already. I made my eggless pancakes with chocolate chips of course and just cleared out a dry sink we have of old DVDs which got moved to a closet and platters were put in dry sink. I am went over my house list to see what else I could get done today. Now, the truth is, I should be working on my short story, but instead I am on Pinterest looking at vintage clothing. Easily distracted? Yes I am.
The reason for that is my wardrobe is currently pitiful. I have four, yes four, t shirts for the whole summer. I am not going to an office or going out to fancy pants places so I have not really shopped. I do have some nice pieces pre-baby but I do my best to keep them in good condition in case we do go somewhere that requires getting a little dolled up. And for the frugal minded who are all about "make do or do without", two pairs of pants I wear are actually maternity wear. I had gotten them when I was between 5-7 months pregnant so they fit well and I fig…

Sauteed Radishes with Mint

Quick recipe post. Will do a nice long wordy post soon :)

From - Sauteed Radishes with Mint

Have a great weekend!


And it is Monday

This is Edith Wharton. I wish I had half her brilliance and I also wish I was able to sit and write for hours on end.

Good morning! I am attempting to write a short story and send it in by the 30th. My ambition may be a little crazy, but I need a diversion while I work on my novel. Not that the novel is not going well, it is just morphing into something unexpected. I have gutted the story to the point where all my prior notes and outline are sort of not necessary. So that makes it like I am starting over and the scary part is I have no idea if it will pay off in the end. I just go where the characters take me, but the hardest part is not being able to work on it consistently. I end up writing an hour or less here and there and I still have to make peace with that. Not easy, but I do my best until I have a small breakdown and my husband listens sympathetically to my rant about not being able to work and progress for the hundredth time. Poor man, he takes it so well when deep down he pr…

Let's Make A Sandwich (1950)

Honest to all that is high and holy, I love these old school "information" videos so much.

Tuna Rarebit for everyone!


On The Mend and Good Finds

We are doing better here. Though my little guy was exhausted after being up for only an hour and a half is now napping. Which is good. He needs his rest to heal.
Because I have been busy doing housework, I sound positively fifties, and then got sick I have not been up to sitting down and working on the my novel. Or I should say, I am not able to focus correctly an that  sucks. Sure I can bang out a blog post, but my novel? Not so much. I am hoping that I am feeling better by this evening and can maybe start getting back to work.

In other somewhat odd news, I have braved the frontier and a few weeks ago removed myself from Facebook. I was sort of tired of reading the same political rants over and over, including my own. I was also made uncomfortable more than once by some of the reveals by people in regards to their marriages, kids, etc. Seriously, the amount of jaw dropping moments I experienced due to "high school" brawls on people's walls or worse was becoming more fre…

A Sore Throat and a Sniffle

My whole house is sick.


My husband was unwell as of Thursday. We knew it was a cold and I was hoping no one else would get it, but bacterias/viruses have their own ideas. Yesterday, our son woke up stuffy, but since he seemed okay and had no fever, we still went to Sesame Place. (Irresponsible, bad parents aren't we?) He had a fabulous time and so did we as we got to see some good friends and their children too. My son fell asleep at the park and slept the whole way home. Thank you Sesame Street for exhausting my child who loves your little tidal wave pool better than anyone. :)
Today, my husband is doing better, my son seems alright and I woke up with a sore throat. Luckily, this is nothing like the last time we were ill. No fevers, no need to lay like slugs and nap for hours on end so I will take this. But honestly, I rather blow my nose nonstop then have a sore throat. I am drinking green tea with ginseng, honey and lemon. My son is playing with the iPad watching PBS Kids…

Red Lettuce and Balsamic Onions Salad

Made a delicious salad via the Barefoot Contessa tonight to go with the main dish of shaved asparagus pizza and it was superb. The balsamic onions played off the dressing of this salad quite well and our one friend had three helpings of salad. :)


My changes:
I used one head of red leaf lettuce and one head of bibb lettuce. (Thank you to my CSA.)
I only had spicy brown mustard instead of Dijon so I used that.
I did not use 3/4 cup of olive oil when whisking the dressing, I used less than that, did not measure it, and it still came out very well.



Random Goodies

I was up at 5:30am this morning because our cat Chloe decided she needed to eat. This has become her normal waking hour and I must say this displeases me greatly. I snoop quietly past my son's door because out upstairs floors are very creaky and grab my gym wear. I feed the "starving" feline, get dressed and go and do my best to get fit for about 30-40 minutes. One of my favorite new workouts is the rowing machine. It gets the muscles going, the sound of the machine is actually relaxing and when I am done I feel as if I just competed at the Head of the Charles Regatta. Here is an article on how to properly row an there is a video included which I have watched several times to make sure I do not hurt myself.  I may still ask one of the trainers at my gym to watch me to make sure anyway. Proper Way To Row

Went and got this week's CSA haul and I am a little giddy that beets were in there. I love beets. Even though when one prepares them their sink and hands resemble an …

665 Square Feet and Recipe

Not that I need to make an announcement, but every post, no matter the topic will always end with a recipe or two. Let's face it, food is life and no matter how brilliant, boring or exciting life is, we gotta eat. Might as well share the delicious things in the world since we get bombarded with the gruesomeness and inadequacies of life on a constant basis. This is why I read the news and never watch it. I can filter at will and am probably better off for doing so. Anyway, let's focus on part of the title in today's post.

665 Square Feet. Could you live in that size space and be happy? A family downsized after the economic crisis pretty much kicked them in tush like a lot of folks. They went to Wyoming and built this charming cabin on rented land. Now, I have been very clear on my dislike of open shelving. It is beautiful for photo shoots and nothing more in my mind. In this particular design case, it makes sense because cabinets would make the room feel less airy. It is st…

Vegetables and Recipes

While I cook most meals from scratch, every now and then it is nice to buy bagels or Dunkin' Donuts or do take out and I will not apologize. This weekend though I got really rebellious and tried three new recipes. Part of the reason was because our half share from our CSA was quite the awesome bounty. Here is what we got.
Half Share:

quartstrawberriesbunchasparagusbunchkale1/2 lb baby spinachbunchscallionsbunchbok choybunchchivesbuncharugula
So far we have eaten all the strawberries, kale, spinach and have used the asparagus and chives. Everything has been delicious and once again, I am thrilled we did this. Keep in mind I still have a vegetable garden going and my kale out there is growing beautifully along with more carrots than a rabbit would know what to do with and my swiss chard is stunning as well. The tomatoes are still an uncertainty, but on a whim I took seeds someone gave my a few years ago and threw them in a pot assuming nothing would happen. Unless they are weeds, I ha…

Feeling Silly Today

Writing is going well and our CSA starts today so I am off to get our half share. Cannot wait! Here are some cool things. Enjoy!

So digging these retro bathrooms featured on Retro Renovation.

Baby Pants from Purl Bee

Post Punk Kitchen's Chipotle Mac & Cheese with Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Pesto and Tomatoes from Mennonite Girls Can Cook.

Okay, have to run!


Spinach and Mushroom Hand Pies - King Arthur Recipe

Quick post as I am on a writing bender and also need to hit library and take care of other not so fascinating errands today. Actually, the other I was dusting, something I truly hate to do hence why open shelving makes me twitch. Why make more work for yourself?? Everyone claims they put everyday dishes on open shelving which means they will be washed all the time, but I call bollocks. Anyway, as I was wiping a table down, I recalled a George Carlin quote.
"Dusting is a good example of the futility of trying to put things right. As soon as you dust, the fact of your next dusting has already been established."
Amen George, amen.

A friend sent me the recipe below and what changes she made.

Made this today, but omitted the cheese powder, and baked as one large pie instead of mini pies.  Tripled the filling so it would be enough, and it was fabulous!



Peonies, Deer and Veggie Garden

I adore flowers. If I had my way I would do away with most of the grass and have carpets of flowers everywhere. Of course this is not possible and grass is necessary, I guess.
Anyway, when we bought out house it came with a peony. I had no idea how fortunate I was until it bloomed and I fell in love.  Last year I noticed that next to it a new plant was growing and I became even more giddy. Oddly enough I never cut any to being into the house. I just loved going over to them and smelling them and commenting on their beauty.
The other day I noticed my neighbor snipping some of his irises and peonies and placing them in a case.
This was my "duh" moment.
So just a few minutes ago I went out and voila! I have a small but charming arrangement in my kitchen.

This now makes me want to grow hundreds of these and start work on my cutting garden which would need to have a ten foot electric fence around it because this morning I noticed that the beautiful vermin known as deer had chompe…