Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Why Hello Again

Sorry I have been remiss. Things have been a tad busy here at the old homestead. Last week we got a new roof.  Thank God and Sweet Fancy Moses the cost, but necessary and worth it.
Today the mold remediation company came back out to reinspect what needs to be done since we had a new roof deck put in and because of the, the job will cost less. If I sound like I know what I am talking about good because I really don't know what a roof deck is and should Google that.

Writing is moving along. I went on a semi-bender with it this am when my son napped and would have kept going, but naps end and Mommyhood must go into effect at that moment. At least my story is taking on a different direction as I transfer it over to iAWriter. It is like the original was an outline and now I am writing the actual story. Sometimes I think I chose this profession to torture myself into thinking I can really tell an interesting story. Other times I think I do it because I have the hubris to believe I am pretty good. Ah ego, such a deceiving and friendly creature ain't she?

The rain had been nonstop and I feel bad for the little guy because he has become accustomed to going out every day to run around. I may take him for a ride over to a friend's house and drop stuff off that belongs to them. This way he gets a small change and I keep my sanity. Presently he is carrying around a truck and I think he is about to torture our Jack Russell. Lord help me. It is all a ploy so I will move her to the couch and he can romp in her dog bed. Yes, he loves the dog bed. Sans dog of course.

I found this Italian food blog yesterday called Memorie di Angelina. There is a pretty spot on post about what to keep in The Italian Pantry, though I do not keep lard. I have read store bought lard sucks so one can render there own. If that is what you choose to do, good for you because I bet it will taste a million times better than what the supermarket offers.

I made delicious homemade potato chips yesterday from a recipe in the cookbook Barefoot Contessa Parties! Thank you Dinner and Conversation blog for having the recipe up so I do not have to retype it from the book. LOL  I did not preheat my sheets and it did take a little longer than the allotted time to get done, but when they were? OH MY!! My hubby was lucky we saved him some.
 Rori's Potato Chips

I am actually shocked, shocked I tell you, that I really like this house in the San Francisco Hills. The understated opulence is so not me that it is frightening that I would live here and change nothing.
Houzz Tour

That is all my lovelies, my child beckons me with an irritated whine.



  1. A child's whine.....
    Give me sciatica anyday

    1. I would take a gin and tonic actually.