Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Like everyone else, thoughts and prayers are with those in Oklahoma.  These are the times I wish we could just ship a box of clothing to someone directly. I know many local and nationwide charities are taking various donations, but this is one of those instances where I don't want to give ten bucks to the Red Cross. If they need blood, I will be happy to give. What I really want it to donate directly to people who just lost every material possession in the world instead of having a charity come pick my bag of goods for some for profit thrift shop this time. I will keep my ears open for the possibility of being able to send things to Oklahoma.
The one thing that baffles me is all the BS political crap getting thrown around by he average citizen. I don't care where you stand in politics, a crisis like this is not where you yell out your belief system and use it to be a jerk. Yes the Oklahoma politicians voted against the Hurricane Sandy relief bill. Keep in mind that those asshats do not represent every single person in their state.
Trust me.
Why? Because Governor Chris Christie doesn't represent me even though he has done a few things I can respect. Taking on Congress for us residents after the Hurricane aftermath is one of them. Seriously, does your representative match you in every single ethical and moral belief? Doubtful. And why people allow themselves to get stirred up by blowhards in the media on either side is ridiculous. Claiming one group is more sympathetic than the other or saying all Liberals are this or all Republicans are that  will not help storm shelters get built where needed. This is the one time people need to let the government do their job and clean up and take care of its citizens. These type of situations is where they are needed and necessary which means all political angst needs to be put aside.
On a personal note, we had a guy from Oklahoma working on our power lines after the Hurricane and I wish to God I knew if he was okay because he was such a nice man and was looking forward to getting home to his family for Thanksgiving.

And now to a few lighter things.

7 Super Beers thanks to the LA Times.

Post Punk Kitchen has an interesting recipe for Olive Lentil Burgers.

Blackened Salmon with Mango Avocado Salsa comes from Against All Grain and Dear God that looks delicious!!!!

And let us end this post with a decadent looking No Bake Royal Chocolate Biscuit Cake from Veggie Belly. Oh yeah, I want this so bad my teeth hurt. LOL


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