Friday, May 24, 2013

The Bum Rush

Some days I feel busier than others. Yesterday was a hell day and I prefer not to revisit it, but  let's just say Mama was not a very pretty lady yesterday.
Today I am better. Even with the crappy rain, I am a little more chipper. Hooray for all those around me.

On a whim, I had my library get me a copy of "Something Wicked This Way Comes" by the wonderful, brilliant writer, Ray Bradbury. This is only my second Bradbury read. My first was "The Halloween Tree" when I was a pre-teen and I adored that book. The most interesting thing about my current read is how inspirational it has been for my own writing. The way he tells a story is really fascinating and he has a very unique voice. This made me step back and realize that in my current novel, my plot is all wrong. I sat down, jotted down my new ideas and have also come to terms with improving my way of showing descriptions. I do not excel in that area at all and though I have mentioned getting better with it before, it really resonated with me now.  What I see in my head should translate to paper in such a way that the readers experiences the smells and emotions of the world I have conjured into existence. So my deepest appreciation goes to Mr. Bradbury for metaphorically kicking me in the tush to be even better.

For your enjoyment:

Pin Loom Coasters (pattern at Purl Bee) would be a nice gift for anyone.

Houzz has an unusual post about homes that "rise" to the landscape

Made this Sauteed Escarole and Garbanzo Beans the other evening and it was delicious. (Yankee Magazine)

WestKnits has this amazing pattern for a sweater called "Swingback". I think I would need to be as skinny as those in the picture to get away with this because my large, ahem, bosom would make me look like a bell so it would be a "Swing To and Fro" for me.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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