Friday, May 17, 2013

Pinterest, Mold Remediation and Food

I have succumbed and joined the site a few years late to the party.

I love it.

WAAAAAAAY more fun than Facebook and no annoying adds. This sign up happened because my hubby gets annoyed by my obsession with sending home design ideas to him all the time via email so now he can look at my boards at his leisure. Of course he will need to be reminded of that, but hey, it is all swell here in the valley. In case you want to check it out, here is the link.

We had mold remediation done yesterday in our attic. Good times. They did a great job with clean up and everything so you would never even know they were here, barring the huge pieces of plastic over the door and missing ceiling in our bedroom. Now we need to replace that and then we can repaint and get back to sleep in there.
The roofers need to come back because of some soffit issues they did not take care of unfortunately, but other than that, the roof looks fantastic and the mold is gone. Whoo hooo!!

These Spicy Sesame Sweet Potato "Tots" on Daily Bites look yummy, yum yum.

Excellent travel tips from The English Can Cook.

We used to do the all day Sunday dinner at my Aunt Louise's house pretty much weekly. I am sure these fried vegetables were at the table. She would pretty much cook anything and everything she had, all the while asking us to eat more. I am very lucky I am not the size of an Escalade.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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