Saturday, May 18, 2013



Most of you will understand the fury that little adorable creature unleashes in each and every gardener on the Eastern Seaboard and probably elsewhere.


Cute little things aren't they? How I wish my dog found them tasty.

I am pretty easy going about animals/insects in the wild. I mean, hey, I choose to live in a rural setting and that is where all these species are. Deer, foxes, bears, coyotes and various birds and bees are all fine and very rarely bother anyone. Though the giant hornets I have seen the last two days are pretty much freaking me out because they are aggressive and I have a child that loves to be outside. And no, they are not Cicada Killer Wasps as I have dealt with those before. Anyway, back to the furry aggressor instead of the flying one.

We are having a nice walkway built in front of our house. This is going over where a few Chipmunks have tunneled in previous years. Recently my hubby and I noticed rocks thrown about everywhere onto the mulch and noticed that one of these little dudes has decided that come hell or high water, his tunnel would be where our path is going to go.

I have embraced that nature will always beat man and most people need to understand that. I respect nature so I will not mothball the critters because a) it is illegal to use as a pesticide and lethal to other animals and children and b) every animal pretty much has a predator.

Please see the Barn Owl.

This gorgeous raptor finds chipmunks to be a delicious treat and so it will become my weapon of choice.

How do you ask? By eventually buying a barn owl box.

That's right. I want these babies living in my yard and taking out those adorable fur balls that are cousin to the squirrel. While I must bid my time until I get the money to get one, I take delight in knowing that I will be contributing to keeping this superb creature well fed and housed.

And this is how I feel about that day of reckoning for the chipmunk when it comes.


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