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It is going to be 90-91 today. Gross.
I have no desire to ever live anywhere where you can't go outside due to the heat and humidity. You know, Texas, Arizona, Louisiana, etc.

I went to get our son a kiddie pool, plastic like the ones we had as kids, but the only one Target had in stock had a small hole. Bummer. A friend told me to stay away from the inflatable pools because they are a pain to empty and clean. My quest continues.

Sangria. This and I nice salad is what I need in this awful heat.


The Bum Rush

Some days I feel busier than others. Yesterday was a hell day and I prefer not to revisit it, but  let's just say Mama was not a very pretty lady yesterday.
Today I am better. Even with the crappy rain, I am a little more chipper. Hooray for all those around me.

On a whim, I had my library get me a copy of "Something Wicked This Way Comes" by the wonderful, brilliant writer, Ray Bradbury. This is only my second Bradbury read. My first was "The Halloween Tree" when I was a pre-teen and I adored that book. The most interesting thing about my current read is how inspirational it has been for my own writing. The way he tells a story is really fascinating and he has a very unique voice. This made me step back and realize that in my current novel, my plot is all wrong. I sat down, jotted down my new ideas and have also come to terms with improving my way of showing descriptions. I do not excel in that area at all and though I have mentioned getting better with it bef…


Like everyone else, thoughts and prayers are with those in Oklahoma.  These are the times I wish we could just ship a box of clothing to someone directly. I know many local and nationwide charities are taking various donations, but this is one of those instances where I don't want to give ten bucks to the Red Cross. If they need blood, I will be happy to give. What I really want it to donate directly to people who just lost every material possession in the world instead of having a charity come pick my bag of goods for some for profit thrift shop this time. I will keep my ears open for the possibility of being able to send things to Oklahoma.
The one thing that baffles me is all the BS political crap getting thrown around by he average citizen. I don't care where you stand in politics, a crisis like this is not where you yell out your belief system and use it to be a jerk. Yes the Oklahoma politicians voted against the Hurricane Sandy relief bill. Keep in mind that those assha…



Most of you will understand the fury that little adorable creature unleashes in each and every gardener on the Eastern Seaboard and probably elsewhere.


Cute little things aren't they? How I wish my dog found them tasty.

I am pretty easy going about animals/insects in the wild. I mean, hey, I choose to live in a rural setting and that is where all these species are. Deer, foxes, bears, coyotes and various birds and bees are all fine and very rarely bother anyone. Though the giant hornets I have seen the last two days are pretty much freaking me out because they are aggressive and I have a child that loves to be outside. And no, they are not Cicada Killer Wasps as I have dealt with those before. Anyway, back to the furry aggressor instead of the flying one.

We are having a nice walkway built in front of our house. This is going over where a few Chipmunks have tunneled in previous years. Recently my hubby and I noticed rocks thrown about everywhere onto the mulc…

Pinterest, Mold Remediation and Food

I have succumbed and joined the site a few years late to the party.

I love it.

WAAAAAAAY more fun than Facebook and no annoying adds. This sign up happened because my hubby gets annoyed by my obsession with sending home design ideas to him all the time via email so now he can look at my boards at his leisure. Of course he will need to be reminded of that, but hey, it is all swell here in the valley. In case you want to check it out, here is the link.

We had mold remediation done yesterday in our attic. Good times. They did a great job with clean up and everything so you would never even know they were here, barring the huge pieces of plastic over the door and missing ceiling in our bedroom. Now we need to replace that and then we can repaint and get back to sleep in there.
The roofers need to come back because of some soffit issues they did not take care of unfortunately, but other than that, the roof looks fantastic and the mold is gone. Whoo hooo!!

These Spicy Sesame Sweet Potato &qu…

Let It All Hang Out

It was 36 degrees last night so I had to wrap my tomatoes in blankets. My son's baby blankets. Cute and they survived, but we have two more nights of low temps and then back to the 50's we go. Hooray.

I am feeling a touch crazy today, in a good way, and am going to post things that I find interesting or beautiful, regardless of cost.

Decor 8 is gushing over these ceramics by Shan Annabelle Valla and rightly so. They are lovely.

I have no use for this, but it is nice for those that have everything I suppose.

Here is an awesome Tic Tac Toe project from Chicken Scratch NY.

Lamp Finials for everyone!

Purl Bee you inspire cowl envy in me constantly.

I have loved Gauthier Jewelry FOREVER. Unique, beautiful and when I was on a trip in Arizona, we stumbled upon their store. Here we were, all sweaty after walking through the Arizona heat, they gave us water and let us try on whatever we wanted. My kind of place.
Tear Drop Glass Sconce from Shades of Light. I have no reason to buy this, b…

Why Hello Again

Sorry I have been remiss. Things have been a tad busy here at the old homestead. Last week we got a new roof.  Thank God and Sweet Fancy Moses the cost, but necessary and worth it.
Today the mold remediation company came back out to reinspect what needs to be done since we had a new roof deck put in and because of the, the job will cost less. If I sound like I know what I am talking about good because I really don't know what a roof deck is and should Google that.

Writing is moving along. I went on a semi-bender with it this am when my son napped and would have kept going, but naps end and Mommyhood must go into effect at that moment. At least my story is taking on a different direction as I transfer it over to iAWriter. It is like the original was an outline and now I am writing the actual story. Sometimes I think I chose this profession to torture myself into thinking I can really tell an interesting story. Other times I think I do it because I have the hubris to believe I am pr…