Thursday, April 18, 2013

Roasted Carrot Coins

We buy 5lb bags of organic carrots. Part of the reason is we use them in everything and the other is I like to send my hubby to work with some cut up carrots as a snack. I had been wanting to make some roasted carrots for our little one. It is funny how many recipes there are out there which is nice, but I settled on this one from Weelicious and it's quite tasty. I am currently out of paprika so I used curry powder instead. Enjoy!!

Roast Carrot Coins

A friend went to the Philadelphia Flower Show this year and picked up some seeds for me from the Hudson Valley Seed Library. So in my garden I have sown some Kaleidoscope carrots and I have my fingers crossed that they grow since this is my first shot with carrots. If successful, I can enjoy them raw and roasted all summer long :)


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