Friday, April 19, 2013

Just A Bunch of Stuff

Between the loss of life in Texas and Massachusetts this week and the ongoing search for the suspect in MA and for bodies in TX, life seems more fragile than usual. All those people and so much heartache. Overwhelming is such a small word at this time. Anger is a big one. For those of us who are merely bystanders to all this chaos, it is unsettling and outrageous, horrifying and baffling. While people send good vibes and prayers to those affected in both places, we all know Boston, MA and West, TX will have a long way to go in the healing process and I wish those cities and their residents the very best of intentions.

Hard to now veer onto less serious topics, but life does move forward in a sense.

Gardenista has an interesting post - 5 Delicious Ways to Eat Flowers  Everything looks so delicious and beautiful.

The Sweetest Vegan. She takes Paula Deen's recipes, "Hello, do you want butter with your butter?" and McDonald's recipes and vegetarainizes/veganizes them. I have to say the recipes look amazing and I cannot wait to make the fried avocado fries. Hey, I never said it had to be completely healthy. ;-)

A Coconut Lemonade recipe comes from Veggie Belly. Refreshing indeed.

I do not crochet, but wish I did. The Sweet Home Sweet pillow pattern at Purl Bee would be a nice project and would look so good on my couch.

We just lost power due to the rain storms and our generator is on so I must sign off before the internet goes. Have a great weekend.


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