Saturday, April 13, 2013

Helpful Hints For All Areas of Living

ITS TACTICAL has a great post on what to do if God forbid, there is a fire or even a carbon dioxide issue in the home. Read it here.

Everyone needs extra storage, but not all of us live in a house that can accommodate a small country.  Lifehacker has some solutions that you may utilize already and some you may not have even though of doing.

The Ready Store has a blog filled with all sorts of goodies about survival and homesteading. How to grow and use herbs to how to tie certain knots or signal a plane for help, it is incredibly informative.

Knowledge Weighs Nothing has a printable sheet of chart that lists the shelf life of refrigerated foods.

Who knew you could make a candle out of an orange??

Since I do not partake in meat eating, I have not made these Sausage Apple Burgers,  but they will most likely be delicious and someone can make and enjoy them.

I think I made my knit cowl obsession clear, but this sewn one is pretty awesome and while I love scarves, I never tie them right or they become loose. This may be my solution :)

Have a fabulous weekend!


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