Monday, April 8, 2013

And it is finished!

My novel is now in the hands of my friend, after much technical difficulty. (Chromebook and Google Drive, you and I remain volatile friends.) I am so looking forward to his feedback, good and/or bad. I feel so accomplished. What most of you may not know is that I have finished two novels*, this one included this is the final edit I am ever doing to it, and both of them have been rejected. I find it invigorating. Why? Because I did something my father who wrote never did. I sent out my stories unafraid of criticism or rejection.
Do not misunderstand me, getting a rejection notice from an agent or publisher does suck. I mean, I am trying to make a living off my writing, but the fact that I even got that far only inspires me to keep trying and to keep getting better.
I am going to give myself a few days before I tackle my third novel. I did pick up the second Harlan Coben novel and look forward to starting that. It is nice to read with the pressure of a self imposed deadline to get a book edited and out. Of course, I know I am going to start getting antsy to get my angel story going. I doubt any writer every really gets out of their head for too long. Vacations and breaks happen, but I know for myself, everything around me can become a possible plot line or dimension to a character.
The biggest hurdle will be me transferring my third novel from Google Drive to iA Writer. The novel is done, but in a second rough draft versions kind of done. I have some serious plot changes swimming in my head so I will use this week to to hash them out, writing things down on actual paper like we used to in the old days.
I am also about to complete a short story to submit to Glimmer Train this month. I believe that if I  hone my short story skills it will most certainly help me in the long run. Especially if I get published in a reputable magazine like Glimmer Train, it will be good for me when I am shopping my full blown novels.

*For the record, my first novel that was rejected was a romance. When I re-read it last year I was horrified I even submitted the story. The writing was cheesy and lacked depth. I started more sentences with gerunds than one can find in the dictionary. I had submitted it to Carina Press, so confident they would love it. They didn't. I doubt I will rewrite that story. I can't see me as a romance novelist. My skills in that genre are clearly lacking. To use romance as part of a story sure, I can accomplish that. As a the main plot? I don't think so. Let's leave that to the Nora Roberts and Nicholas Sparks of this world.

Looks like it is going to be beautiful weather this week here in NJ, hope it is where you may be as well.


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