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A Quick Post

Writing has been cranking. Amen to that right? When the boy naps I am writing. Tonight though, I did a few small, but necessary changes to one scene and am taking a mental break. Sometimes it is nice to just sit back and read and not rush to work in the evening.

Made this delicious Bulgur Risotto with Corn and Shrimp. I used more bulgur because I wanted to make sure we have leftovers for lunch. If you read the reviewers comments, people modified the recipe in numerous ways so knock your socks off and have fun with it.


Must Have Chocolate

In honor of the internet becoming a place where too much information is the norm, let me share that I have my period. And when I get my lovely monthly menses, I want chocolate or salt. Today I want chocolate.


So, I instead of my normal yummy scones, I decided to look upon something that I will not eat in one sitting. You see, if I make eight scones that means 4 for me and 4 for the hubster. I will eat all 4 in one sitting. Yes, I am gross and a glutton and I make no apologies for that. Scones and tea are a wonderful combination and I am willing to work out harder at the gym to enjoy that indulgence. The funny thing is, I no longer care about desserts after dinner. I would rather have the delicious veggies and fish and whatnot instead of a piece of cake at the end. Go figure. I prefer my sweet sin in the morning. Oh yeah.

Right now, in my oven, a delicious looking Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Quick Bread is baking. I have no buttermilk so I am using soy milk and vinegar as the buttermilk …

Just A Bunch of Stuff

Between the loss of life in Texas and Massachusetts this week and the ongoing search for the suspect in MA and for bodies in TX, life seems more fragile than usual. All those people and so much heartache. Overwhelming is such a small word at this time. Anger is a big one. For those of us who are merely bystanders to all this chaos, it is unsettling and outrageous, horrifying and baffling. While people send good vibes and prayers to those affected in both places, we all know Boston, MA and West, TX will have a long way to go in the healing process and I wish those cities and their residents the very best of intentions.

Hard to now veer onto less serious topics, but life does move forward in a sense.

Gardenista has an interesting post - 5 Delicious Ways to Eat Flowers  Everything looks so delicious and beautiful.

The Sweetest Vegan. She takes Paula Deen's recipes, "Hello, do you want butter with your butter?" and McDonald's recipes and vegetarainizes/veganizes them. I h…

Roasted Carrot Coins

We buy 5lb bags of organic carrots. Part of the reason is we use them in everything and the other is I like to send my hubby to work with some cut up carrots as a snack. I had been wanting to make some roasted carrots for our little one. It is funny how many recipes there are out there which is nice, but I settled on this one from Weelicious and it's quite tasty. I am currently out of paprika so I used curry powder instead. Enjoy!!

Roast Carrot Coins

A friend went to the Philadelphia Flower Show this year and picked up some seeds for me from the Hudson Valley Seed Library. So in my garden I have sown some Kaleidoscope carrots and I have my fingers crossed that they grow since this is my first shot with carrots. If successful, I can enjoy them raw and roasted all summer long :)


Why I Hate Series Novels

After reading the second book, Drop Shot by Harlan Coben, I remembered why I hate series novels. The story was good, but the amount of rehashing makes my head spin. There is an assumption that the reader will forget these little details, which I find a touch condescending. Like, Win is a Tae Kwon Do expert or that Myron lives with his parents. The worst part is I am constantly being TOLD this not shown. In "Drop Shot" I get a full blown description of the restaurant they go to because they love it so much. You did this in the first novel already so PLEASE STOP.
Another thing I noticed with Drop Shot was the incredible amount of dialogue. Most everything I have ever read in regards to writing says to slim down the dialogue, show not tell, but damn if this book goes against all of that.  At one point I felt like I was looking at a screenplay. That does not mean it is a bad read. As an  aspiring writer you can get confused by all the "rules" of writing out there in in…

Roasted Cabbage Wedges

I came across an excellent blog called, Gimme Some Oven which is part of a group blog of food, life, reads and style. (I am excited to check out the other sections.) Thanks to me wanting to do something different with cabbage, I was searching for a delicious side dish to go with our salmon this evening and there it was -  Roasted Cabbage Wedges. I swear I could have eaten fifty of these they were so delicious and easy peasy to make. I squirted fresh lemon juice on them at the end and they were h-e-a-v-e-n.

Now I hope the CSA we joined has an abundance of cabbage because I know EXACTLY how I will be preparing it from now on. Yum, yum!


Helpful Hints For All Areas of Living

ITS TACTICAL has a great post on what to do if God forbid, there is a fire or even a carbon dioxide issue in the home. Read it here.

Everyone needs extra storage, but not all of us live in a house that can accommodate a small country.  Lifehacker has some solutions that you may utilize already and some you may not have even though of doing.

The Ready Store has a blog filled with all sorts of goodies about survival and homesteading. How to grow and use herbs to how to tie certain knots or signal a plane for help, it is incredibly informative.

Knowledge Weighs Nothing has a printable sheet of chart that lists the shelf life of refrigerated foods.

Who knew you could make a candle out of an orange??

Since I do not partake in meat eating, I have not made these Sausage Apple Burgers,  but they will most likely be delicious and someone can make and enjoy them.

I think I made my knit cowl obsession clear, but this sewn one is pretty awesome and while I love scarves, I never tie them right or …

A Mish Mash of Things

Apparently some people think putting a working chandelier over the tub is a good idea. How about no? Remodelaholic is a little more eloquent than I am on the matter.

Remodelaholic - Electricity and Bathroom Chandeliers

The other night I made this delicious dish using soy chorizo and threw in a few sundried tomatoes: White Beans with Chorizo

I have yet to make this, but the fact that I can make a vegetarian version of panna cotta is awesome.

Daily Bites blog has a great post about Brain Fuel: Food for Healthy Minds Ironically, my son eats most of these healthy snacks and me, only sometimes. I need to work on that apparently. :)

Let me end with a small rant. I get why gun control laws are a hot issue, but let's be honest, all the laws in the world will not help those that are just downright negligent. I have to believe more gun owners are responsible and know how to care for and store their firearms. For those that do not, well, unfortunately there are no stupidity clauses that we ca…

And it is finished!

My novel is now in the hands of my friend, after much technical difficulty. (Chromebook and Google Drive, you and I remain volatile friends.) I am so looking forward to his feedback, good and/or bad. I feel so accomplished. What most of you may not know is that I have finished two novels*, this one included this is the final edit I am ever doing to it, and both of them have been rejected. I find it invigorating. Why? Because I did something my father who wrote never did. I sent out my stories unafraid of criticism or rejection.
Do not misunderstand me, getting a rejection notice from an agent or publisher does suck. I mean, I am trying to make a living off my writing, but the fact that I even got that far only inspires me to keep trying and to keep getting better.
I am going to give myself a few days before I tackle my third novel. I did pick up the second Harlan Coben novel and look forward to starting that. It is nice to read with the pressure of a self imposed deadline to get a boo…

Potato Chip Zucchini Sticks with Lemon Mayo

Hope everyone had a nice holiday.

I made these over the weekend for a Seder we went to and it was delicious!

Friends of ours agreed to let us use their house to host the Seder and there were ten of us. There were only 3 people there that are or were practicing Jews as well as vegetarian so it made for a very entertaining event. The food was delicious, the company fun and the 4 kids under the age of 3 seemed to enjoy. Our Seder was VERY brief due to the children, but that was okay. I admit we failed to take out little man to Easter Mass this year, but I hope to do so next year. I would like to take him to Church a little more often, but I do not belong to one and well, I am not even sure which Church to hit up. I could go to the Lutheran one down the street which would be a whole new experience for us. I love Church of the Redeemer (Episcopal) in Morristown, but I would like to find something closer that has their energy. Oh well, I will figure it out at some point.

I have solved a ser…