Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Please, Ring For My Wrap

This Amazing Seed Stitch Wrap from Purl Soho is just gorgeous.

I would look terrific with this wouldn't I? Especially once I decide on my new hairstyle. Want to see the coif I am considering? It is Norah Jones's gorgeous do.

I do have wavy hair and hair cuts like this can be a pain to maintain, but thankfully, Miss Norah has the same hair so here is a picture of it when it is in a more "natural" state.

I am not too sure when I am going to go for this look, I am still toying with the idea of having shorter hair again. I can have my stylist make it longer too I guess, but part of me wants to look a little funkier again. Read: Younger LOL I also realize that every single one of us, when we see a hairstyle we like, we do not imagine how we will look, we believe we will look like the picture. If only right? AHAHAHAHA

Well, back to writing I go while my little man naps.


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