Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Harlan Coben, Jarred Lunches and More

A neighbor recommended I read the work of Harlan Coben. She was keen on me getting the Myron Bolitar series and I hesitated because I really don't enjoy series novels. I do understand that some folks prefer that character's they fell in love with live forever, but me? Not so much. Anyway, I conceded and got Dealbreaker from the library. It was a fun and fast read. There were a few things I would have done differently, but all in all, I enjoyed it and am considering continuing on with the series. The funny thing is he is a writer from NJ and uses real NJ landmarks and restaurants in the book. It was funny to me to read about Myron and his girlfriend going to Baumgart's in Englewood. We LOVE that restaurant, but we live too far from it now to go eat there at that location and we always forget about the Livingston location which is a touch closer. Okay, back to the book. I have not read many mysteries and I like that the lead character, Myron, is a sports agent and former basketball player and has a sidekick that can kill you. It is fun. I will get the second book and hope Myron keeps me interested. Oh, I do have to say, when I read this book I recalled thinking, "Why do I make it so hard on myself when I write?" I wish I would stop worrying if I am being eloquent in my descriptions and dialogue when I am not writing anything that closely resembles One Hundred Years of Solitude". (Interesting book, will never, ever read it again. LOL) I need to just tell the story. When one gets concerned with if they are as good as other writers, to the point you become paralyzed when typing each word, you need to remember it is storytelling. No one is asking me to be l speech writer to the leader of the free world. I am sure all types of writers go through self-doubt and I have to say it is not a fun time. But I do think it helps to have these moments, then read a book and get inspired to get back to writing and stop worrying so darn much.

Let us talk about mason jars. I love them and use them in my kitchen, but oddly enough I never thought to use them to pack lunch in. Over at Krista and Jess they have some pretty delicious recipes that are perfect for the mason jar. The deconstructed sushi is intriguing. Jar Lunch

I LOVE this cowboy cape featured on Tales From the Seam Ripper.

I have never attempted entrelac knitting but this gorgeous little turban called Grey Gardens created by Rachel Price and Kate Burge and featured on Knitty is tempting me to learn.


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