Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Good Meal and Emergency Preparedness

I had my husband pick me up canned salmon when he did a Trader Joe's run. That particular store is about 40 minutes from our house so it is not convenient in any way shape or form, but we will make what we call a "pilgrimage" now and then. I had read that canned salmon was an excellent food to keep in the house and while I was excited to give it a try I was also sort of not into preparing it just as I would tuna. After going through a few interesting recipes online I came across one that was quick and easy so it was dinner tonight. Believe it or not the recipe came from and it is geared towards your toddler, but I figured if it is good enough for the little guy, it is good enough for us as well. I made fresh biscuits to use as rolls since the salmon patties are the size of sliders and a nice side of cabbage and carrot slaw. A simple meal that was fabulous. My husband put mustard on his salmon patties I did Siracha because I like to burn my face off whenever I possibly I can. The slaw is a simple recipe of shredded cabbage, I had a little less than half a head and just cut it with a chef's knife, I used the four carrots I had but instead of shredding them this time I just cut them up in rounds, mayonnaise and apple cider vinegar, amounts are to your own liking as I am not a huge mayonnaise fan, and I added ground cumin seeds this time. Honestly, this a terrific quick little meal I would recommend to anyone.  Here is the salmon pattie recipe. The only thing I did not have was an egg so I  used flax seed as the substitution and it came out fine. We will be picking up more canned salmon for future use.

A friend from college works as Director of Photography in Hollywood. I have always believed behind the scenes of film making was way more interesting than being the actor or even the director. I did plays in high school, stage crew, and when I worked in NYC for a very famous rock band, I learned how that machine ticks and let me tell you, for all the perfection you see on a screen or at a concert, up to a hundred people, sometimes more, makes that happen. Now, once you are done applauding those nameless folks for their tireless efforts, this friend of mine also happens to have the sense to understand he moved to a state where earthquakes are pretty common. And that they can wipe out a city in minutes. Side bar here: My husband, who grew up in Los Angeles, slept through an earthquake when he was a teenager. This explains how he never hears the dog whining to go out in the middle of the night or the baby chatting to himself. God Bless. Back to the topic at hand here. My friend has an emergency preparedness blog called 72 Hour Bag which is filled with good information whether you live in Kansas, Maine or California. Remember, knowledge is power. One of the best posts is called Tampons and Condoms and you will learn a whole new way to look at these products and see incredible new uses for them.

The writing is moving along with the usual bumps when it comes to being able to sit down for a good chunk of time. I am excited though because I have less than 80 pages to edit, but I am about to hit a scene that has failed me and needs serious rework. I dread it, but I don't. Not sure if that makes any sense at all, but I believe I can hammer it out and get it under control. As soon as I get past that, it should be smooth sailing and I am giddy to hand it over to a friend that has never laid eyes on it before. Yes, I am nervous, but I am also willing to accept he may hate it, somewhat like it, think its crap, love it or get me a movie deal. HAHHAHAHA. Come on, I have to laugh or else I will become Hemingway and drink my face off Truthfully, with this story, this is the end. Once he gets back to me with his comments, if it seems a no-go and should be bagged it is bagged and never heard from again. If it is to go out it goes out with synopsis and I begin to concentrate on my next project. I also realized I really need to do more short stories. That is a creative process that would be incredibly helpful when it comes to novels. Plus it would be all kinds of spectacular shiny jellyfish and rays of joy if get published in a reputable magazine. As Hamlet said, "Perchance to Dream".
Wish me luck all!


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