Monday, March 4, 2013

Fabulous Art

The husband and son are off to the doctor this afternoon because the little one still has an off and on fever and the husband sounds like Kathleen Turner. I am much better, though the residual cough sucks, but I can actually function. Hurrah! I will take little man to his appointment while Daddy goes across the hall for his. Note to everyone: If you or your family members have colds, but decide to have the party anyway, please let others know so they can choose whether or not to attend. Thank you very, very much.

Just came across this article on a Tumblr and had to share because I find it to be beautiful and very clever. I am an art whore and proud to be one.

Portraits of a Daughter in the Style of Old Master Paintings

This little girl has a future as a Muse, I can feel it.

I am happy to say my novel is now in RollApps version of Open Office and I feel somewhat like a functioning writer again. Formatting has to be fixed, damn Google Drive, but it is not too bad. I feel some relief and I will be sending it to Dropbox for more safekeeping. I am hoping to get it up to snuff to send over to my friend who knows of my wretched delay. Technology sometimes seriously sucks. Wish I could write things out longhand, but then it eventually needs to be typed into some program right? Ah well. I do have to move my Angel of Death story too, but anything else I start, will be done on the iPad in iAWriter. And that is that.


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