Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Black Bean and Chorizo Soup

Things are hectic here. I also got my haircut like that Norah Jones do I had posted and sad to say, I am not really liking how I look. I feel like it aged me instead of refreshed. Now I remember why I no longer liked my hair above my shoulders. Ah well, it will grow out. Quickly. I hope. I may take prenatal vitamins just to give it a boost. Okay, I am joking there. Sort of. I swear it looked good at salon, but now, I am not sure what to do with it. Yes the stylist had blown it out, but when I did it, it looked like a triangle on my head. I then decided to let it go natural and it sort of works for a day then triangulates once again. Live and learn, live and learn.

I made this delicious Black Bean and Chorizo Soup using Trader Joe's Soy Chorizo. It has a nice gentle bite and is even more delicious the next day. Give it a go my friends.


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