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Black Bean and Chorizo Soup

Things are hectic here. I also got my haircut like that Norah Jones do I had posted and sad to say, I am not really liking how I look. I feel like it aged me instead of refreshed. Now I remember why I no longer liked my hair above my shoulders. Ah well, it will grow out. Quickly. I hope. I may take prenatal vitamins just to give it a boost. Okay, I am joking there. Sort of. I swear it looked good at salon, but now, I am not sure what to do with it. Yes the stylist had blown it out, but when I did it, it looked like a triangle on my head. I then decided to let it go natural and it sort of works for a day then triangulates once again. Live and learn, live and learn.

I made this delicious Black Bean and Chorizo Soup using Trader Joe's Soy Chorizo. It has a nice gentle bite and is even more delicious the next day. Give it a go my friends.


A Different Kind of Beauty

Fashion is something I used to really, really love. The idea of being able to look at a piece of fabric and see a dress or a blouse wile most would just see fabric is quite the gift. As I have gotten older I realized there is not a lot of exclusivity in fashion anymore. There used to be, now one has to pay $10,000 to get that exclusivity. For that I direct you to the Hermes Birkin bag. I love the design of the Birkin bag, yes I do, and if I was ever able to have one, I would prefer it in green or black or orange. 

But I was not doing this post to discuss trends in fashion. I am more interested in certain people, who whether by choice or by accident, are fashion icons. Not the standard beauties like Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly or Cher or Dolly Parton. While those women have deservedly earned their day in the sun, I wanted to show some women who go off the beaten path in looks and dress. 
Tilda Swinton.

She is David Bowie's doppelganger, an incredible actress and defines androgyny…

Good Meal and Emergency Preparedness

I had my husband pick me up canned salmon when he did a Trader Joe's run. That particular store is about 40 minutes from our house so it is not convenient in any way shape or form, but we will make what we call a "pilgrimage" now and then. I had read that canned salmon was an excellent food to keep in the house and while I was excited to give it a try I was also sort of not into preparing it just as I would tuna. After going through a few interesting recipes online I came across one that was quick and easy so it was dinner tonight. Believe it or not the recipe came from and it is geared towards your toddler, but I figured if it is good enough for the little guy, it is good enough for us as well. I made fresh biscuits to use as rolls since the salmon patties are the size of sliders and a nice side of cabbage and carrot slaw. A simple meal that was fabulous. My husband put mustard on his salmon patties I did Siracha because I like to burn my face off whenever…

Kitschy Educational Films

Kitsch can be a lot of fun. Coronet Films were the leaders of that from 1946 to the early 70's. Some of the films are a perfect sign of their times with their misogynistic undertones and touches of bigotry, no surprise there, but they are an optimistic, hokey view of what some people believed the world was like. I bet if some of those folks in the videos from the 40's and 50's were given a viewing of "Mad Men" most of those folks would clutch their pearls and keel over in moral horror. But let's keep it light shall we?
There are a few in the bunch below whose messages could/should be applied today. Let me share. 
This one is Appreciating Your Parents. This is probably the hokiest of the clips, but the message is pretty solid.

Your Thrift Habits
Good Eating Habits
Buying Food
Cheers! MissFifi

Harlan Coben, Jarred Lunches and More

A neighbor recommended I read the work of Harlan Coben. She was keen on me getting the Myron Bolitar series and I hesitated because I really don't enjoy series novels. I do understand that some folks prefer that character's they fell in love with live forever, but me? Not so much. Anyway, I conceded and got Dealbreaker from the library. It was a fun and fast read. There were a few things I would have done differently, but all in all, I enjoyed it and am considering continuing on with the series. The funny thing is he is a writer from NJ and uses real NJ landmarks and restaurants in the book. It was funny to me to read about Myron and his girlfriend going to Baumgart's in Englewood. We LOVE that restaurant, but we live too far from it now to go eat there at that location and we always forget about the Livingston location which is a touch closer. Okay, back to the book. I have not read many mysteries and I like that the lead character, Myron, is a sports agent and former bas…

Food Sovereignty

As I have said before, I do my best to avoid politics on my blog. Reason being I have no desire to alienate anyone. That being said, there is an issue going down in Maine that needs to be addressed. Residents in some towns there voted for food sovereignty which means "it’s giving its citizens the right “to produce, process, sell, purchase, and consume local foods of their choosing.” This includes everything from raw milk to locally slaughtered meats." I believe when the public speaks, the local, county, state and federal governments needs to listen.
They never do. Not really. Not unless money is involved.
Money is involved here. Big Ag and Factory Farms do not dig this I am sure and so under the guise of needing to comply with rules and protecting the consumer, the FDA is involved.
Here we go.
I completely understand the need for regulations when it comes to mass food production. I am not against them. What I am against is any agency stepping in when something has been voted…

Rebels of Food

I love food. I mean, I really love how much can be done with food. You can eat a tomato raw or cook it, mash it, blend it, whatever. Same can be said for most veggies and fruits.  I also love people who are passionate about their foods as well. Hence, many food bloggers catch my attention. Whether I eat the same foods is irrelevant. I don't eat meat, but I can appreciate someone rendering lard at home. God Bless if you do that. I also love reading about paleo diets, gluten free diets, all meat diets, vegan diets, etc. They all have something for every single one of us to use or eat or maybe even agree on when it comes to wanting better foods or raising our own food. I do not always agree with the Dr. Oz's of this world, but that is because if I read or hear something, I will then embark on my path of information gathering to decide if I agree or disagree. Pretty easy, but not a lot of people do that. Plus I believe food can heal and help maintain health which is why I always b…

1920's Bathroom Renovation

While I am all for simple living and frugality, there are times when I believe it is okay to decide to spend money on something instead of just "living with it". Of course, this means being able to pay for it and not charge the whole project.
We have two bathrooms.
They both need work.
The pink one is just down right ugly and the toilet is up against the wall so you side saddle when you pee.
The one upstairs no longer has a working shower as it leaked through the ceiling in the kitchen.
While we can live with these bathrooms as they are and have since we bought this house, the upstairs bathroom has sort of annoyed me. The fact that someone put in a very teeny shower and then the darn thing leaked and sprayed water onto my kitchen counter sucks. Now that we have a little person in the house has also made me want to fix at least one of these and the upstairs one is the winner for me. Part of the reason is I am under the delusion that it won't cost more than 10K to fix. (St…

Please, Ring For My Wrap

This Amazing Seed Stitch Wrap from Purl Soho is just gorgeous.

I would look terrific with this wouldn't I? Especially once I decide on my new hairstyle. Want to see the coif I am considering? It is Norah Jones's gorgeous do.

I do have wavy hair and hair cuts like this can be a pain to maintain, but thankfully, Miss Norah has the same hair so here is a picture of it when it is in a more "natural" state.

I am not too sure when I am going to go for this look, I am still toying with the idea of having shorter hair again. I can have my stylist make it longer too I guess, but part of me wants to look a little funkier again. Read: Younger LOL I also realize that every single one of us, when we see a hairstyle we like, we do not imagine how we will look, we believe we will look like the picture. If only right? AHAHAHAHA

Well, back to writing I go while my little man naps.


Fabulous Art

The husband and son are off to the doctor this afternoon because the little one still has an off and on fever and the husband sounds like Kathleen Turner. I am much better, though the residual cough sucks, but I can actually function. Hurrah! I will take little man to his appointment while Daddy goes across the hall for his. Note to everyone: If you or your family members have colds, but decide to have the party anyway, please let others know so they can choose whether or not to attend. Thank you very, very much.

Just came across this article on a Tumblr and had to share because I find it to be beautiful and very clever. I am an art whore and proud to be one.

Portraits of a Daughter in the Style of Old Master Paintings

This little girl has a future as a Muse, I can feel it.

I am happy to say my novel is now in RollApps version of Open Office and I feel somewhat like a functioning writer again. Formatting has to be fixed, damn Google Drive, but it is not too bad. I feel some relief and …