Sunday, February 24, 2013

Writing and Food

Things have been fun. I was on a writing tear which made me feel fabulous. I have edited up to page 200 in my novel, thank you Lord, and am getting ready to send to a friend who has agreed to read it for me. I am not nervous, but more excited about getting feedback. No one has read this story in a few years, yes it has been THAT long that I have been working on the darn thing. This is it though. If it gets rejected again, it will be put to the side and will go down as a great story no one wanted. :) Then I will return to my Angel of Death book and go from there.
I had started a short story, but then stopped. I am no good at those. At least, sticking with the process is what I suck at. I should try though. Just to help keep creative juices flowing, but I always seem to falter. Perhaps I will try again. Thank to Glimmer Train always having submissions, it keeps me hopeful that I will one day get it together, submit and make it into such a prestigious magazine.

I do not have celiac. My husband and I have digestions issues, but his are clearly more food based. I sadly think mine came from wine. I have not had any wine lately and I feel fine. It figures. I would rather be allergic to bread or soy or chocolate. Wait, let's amend that. I would hate to be allergic to anything. The reason we both believe I have a wine issue is when I drink it, my cheeks get bright red and one recent time I got itchy. So I am abstaining. This is displeasing to me, but I figure a sip or two of red wine now and then will be fine. No more full glass for me. And I call myself an Italian. So sad. I have yet to see if the same hold true with gin or vodka. If not, I might be okay. It also made us rethink our diet a little. In past posts I have shared recipes from gluten free and Paleo diet sites. I have yet to buy almond flour and you all know my unabashed love for coconut oil now, but sugar is the one thing I have not substituted. I have no desire to eat faux sweetners. Those people that have to use things like Xylitol and Splenda, do so because their literal life depends on it. My literal life does not. For us, I think we could just convert over to honey, au naturel, as opposed to cane sugar in some stuff. Sort of like coconut oil for butter in some cases. First off, I need to go to a local supplier to buy said honey because the controversy of honey being diluted has been in discussion for the past few years. Here is one article about it. Also, honey is so useful, sort of like how vinegar can be salad dressing and clean your toilet bowl, now there is a visual. Anyway, I came across this good looking pumpkin bread recipe using whole wheat flour and honey and I am hoping to make it very soon. Quite frankly, I do not get how people buy processed food or major food brands because of the amount of crap in them. I had a discussion with my MIL yesterday who believes that us eating soy and peanut butter is the problem of our ills. God Bless her. I had to reiterate we only eat Non-GMO, organic soy and not as much as one would think. Nor do we devour peanut butter on a daily basis. She means well. Let me say that I do prefer almond butter, but we only get it at Trader Joe's since it has been the cheapest. Trader's is also about 40 minutes away so when we do go it has to be a BIG shopping. Hello home office, can you please, please, please come where I live??

Here is an article from the NY Times regarding the Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food. I have not read it yet, but I am sure there are things I know already and things I do not that will make my  head spin. Yes, I believe you have the right to eat whatever you want. You want to chew on pigs feet or tofu burgers, be my guest, but at least be an informed one. Remember, knowledge is power.

Avocado Fudgesicles anyone?

Food In Jars bring us Coconut Quinoa Granola. Yes please.


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