Friday, February 1, 2013

Why yes, it is the Weekend.

And I am stoked to watch the new Netflix series "House of Cards". The show is a remake of the 1990 political drama by BBC, yes I have already added that to my queue because I love me anything BBC, and it looks downright delicious. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright rarely disappoint and neither does director David Fincher so I am really looking forward to watching this series.

Today I am being tested for Celiac Disease. Oh joy. Part of the reason is I am being tested is I had an acute attack of gastritis, first time ever, and the second is I am always bloated. The irony would be if I was allergic to wheat and soy. As a pescetarian this could be interesting. We do not eat a lot of pasta, but I do love to bake bread and scones and other goodies so this means finding alternatives to all purpose flour. The good thing is I have been wanting to try almond flour for awhile. The bad thing is the price of it made me pass out. I can always by in bulk which is way cheaper, but sticker shock is sticker shock. One of recipes that uses almond flour are these delicious looking  Honey Almond Chai Wafers from the Daily Bites Blog. They would be lovely with a nice cup of tea.

Chard Saag Paneer. OH MY.

The Frugal Queen aka Froogs, had a recent post with a few economical recipes for your slow cooker. I love using it to make soup so I think I will have to do her first two recipes, sans chicken for us of course.

I LOVE this kitchen. The color, the light, just stunning.

This seems like an excellent use of tomatoes. Homemade ketchup.

I have never, not ever, knitted a cable stitch. I know, the horror. It always looked so intimidating until I thought about doing a search for ways to do cabling without said cable needle. Knitting To Stay Sane seems to have a pretty easy way to do such a task and I will be attempting this in the near future and hope I can master it. Cabling without a cable needle.

As one who is a not a huge fan of shrugs, I love this pattern on Knitty. Nob Hill Shrug.

I do not crochet, but if i did you can be sure I would be making these fabulous big stitch alpaca rugs found on Purl Bee.

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I have heard sometimes spelt flour is tolerable to folks with celiacs, but not sure. It is cheaper than almond. Best wishes!!! L fr NY (again!)